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        Greetings in love and light as one.


   Welcome back to The Hades Base News, once a connecting point between members of Ashtar Command on the sixth dimension and higher and those of us here on third dimensional Earth. The channelings within represent nine years of channeling sessions with beings we came to know and love between 1992 and 2001. We apologize for the poor sound quality as we were using primitive recording devices without multiple microphones for many of the sessions.

Formally channeled by Mark Crocker and transcribed by Russ  Hatfield, they present an undiluted source of information about our planet's past, present and future with a inside look at how we interact with the many races of beings who share our galaxy with us. While there are no more sessions or news from the base, the archives still have much to teach going forward. If you are new to the site, please visit the reception hall to get caught up.  


Editor's notes: Anything posted on this site is available for sharing with anyone for use in this planet's path to ascension. All we ask is that nothing be edited from the original text and please include a link back to our homepage:


Please be advised: Some parts of the channelings on this website may not be suitable for all ages as they are of a suggestive or sexual nature. Parental guidance is up to the parents.



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Next month: Korton Revisits Atlantis and Sirian Star Signs.

(To be posted on 09/04 at between 1:00 and 2:00 AM Pacific-
Please note: On Vacation then so a little late)


   Our thoughts, energies and prayers go out to the recent hurricane victims who are suffering over the loss of loved ones, property and the lives they've known. The grand design is one chaotic mess until seen from the retrospect of the growth achieved afterwards.

Latest podcast added to the current archives: "A Healer's Secret."
Channeling Session Date: 08/18/1998   

   I do not consider myself a channel and the editorials Karra and I write are just the back and forth between two twin souls anyone is capable of but not what I would consider channeling, until now. The other day I was in meditation working with Karra on an editorial we had half done when we took a break. Upon returning she gave me a new editorial we were going to write called "Our Mission Statement". I then was given an entire editorial dictated in the third person because i didn't have a much to do with its creation outlining what the purpose of the Hades Base News would be into the future. Coming out of meditation I typed out what i had been given to what has been posted this month. That isn't so much the news for the month as are the changes coming from what this mission statement portends, all of it good in a perfect world where our past becomes our future.

As to the session itself, Tia was the ring mistress and thus had the honor of going first. Answering a question on the wild fluctuations in the stock market, it was then we first learned about what was then in 1998 just the start of the Asian Flu when markets around the globe were affected by the drops in the Asian markets. Moving on she focuses on politics and the turmoil taking place in the current administration the day after Bill Clinton gave his famous speech admitting an improper relationship with a certain intern. She gives us her impassioned opinion on what it will mean for the presidency going forward. Impeachment was looking likely so she was very hooked into how this was making that more of a reality. We shift back to stocks and where does an investment go and after that was cleared up, Omal came on to discuss both Bill Clinton and the stock market in words that cannot help to bring on a sense of deja vu. How the two are interrelated could make one think this session took place recently and not in the '90's. The fun doesn't stop there, he next floors us by confirming that not only did the pyramids of Giza originally had hieroglyphs on the outside and that what was written is still someplace in public view. He ends side one by linking the wording of the hieroglyphs to words in general wrapping up with the history of the English language from someone who watched it grow to what it came to be first hand through monitoring on the base of its growth.

On side two Omal is only on long enough to finish up the point he was making about why English became the most widely spoken language on the planet. Karra is the next scheduled speaker so the subject naturally shifts to healing. To that subject  she explains how when you are healing it is important to use the energy efficiently so that you can gain in knowledge and strength. One other key ingredient is the patience learned through experience to be effective as a healer. Next we move on to the healer's secret, knowledge held back from a patient until an appropriate time comes to share it. Karra and I had a long running debate on whether it was a secret someone should be told right at the start which was my contention or held back as was the custom. Things came to a head with this channeling session and Karra's wisdom won out as it always does. The question at hand was belief and what someone should believe will happen during the healing. The one topic would be all that we would have time to cover but we went through quite a bit of tape making sure the point was well understood. Lyka comes on next all tired out from an exercise the night before where she had not gotten a bit of sleep. She was now newly promoted to captain and was having to b more responsible than she had before in her time with us which was starting to show. From our discussion with her we get a look into the what her life was like while having a command in the Sirian Defense Force. Kiri is the last speaker for this session and after teasing us yet again with a lesson on how to build a warp core engine, she tells us about a recent trip to Sirius to see her grandmother who had recently broken her arm while pruning some trees. Not something someone in her 800's should be doing but it led to us hearing about the status of a future guide for Skip, one of our guests in the room. We end the session on a variety of subjects such as how parents are such kids at heart and contemplate what would happen if you put a rabbit into a warp core engine.   
    This months editorial is called "Our Mission Statement". What are the goals of this publication and the monthly podcast? May they find root in fertile soil       

The sum of our knowledge is just a figment of our reality.