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Greetings in love and light as one.

Welcome back to The Hades Base News, once a connecting point between members of Ashtar Command on the sixth dimension and higher and those of us here on third dimensional Earth. The channelings within represent nine years of channeling sessions with beings we came to know and love between 1992 and 2001. We apologize for the poor sound quality as we were using primitive recording devices without multiple microphones for many of the sessions. 

Formally channeled by Mark Crocker and transcribed by Russ  Hatfield, they present an undiluted source of information about our planet's past, present and future with a inside look at how we interact with the many races of beings who share our galaxy with us. While there are no more sessions or news from the base, the archives still have much to teach going forward. If you are new to the site, please visit the reception hall to get caught up.


Editor's notes: Anything posted on this site is available for sharing with anyone for use in this planet's path to ascension. All we ask is that nothing be edited from the original text and please include a link back to our homepage:


Please be advised: Some wording on this website may not be suitable for all ages as it is suggestive or sexual in nature. Parental guidance is up to the parents.


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Latest podcast added to the current archives: "Soul Notes and Tuella."
Channeling Session Date: 11/19/1996

The podcast for April had a larger number of guests to ask questions of the members of Ashtar Command so the topics for the night's channeling session hopped around quite a bit. Some of the questions revolved around moves to other places which brought up the subject or soul notes while other questions on Tuella brought up revelations on the mass landing plans of Ashtar Command. It is an informative session all around with a lot of growth potential just from the wide range of questions and answers as well as a clearer look at the decision making process within the Council of Light.

Tia answers questions right away instead of her normal dissertation with the first first question on some missing plutonium in Russia and where it had gone. The possibility of the material getting into the wrong hands was a current concern. She gets into a discussion on the advisability of making a move to another state but is instructed from behind the scenes to cut it short for Omal to speak. He's next to channel and he had quite a bit to enlighten us about such as the first question he fielded where he takes up the question of the missing Russian plutonium. He brings up a good point where he questions the apparent news blackout of the American press compared to it worldwide competitors. The question again was brought up of making a move
which Omal answered with an explanation on the vibrational qualities of an area where one is raised and how they correlate with a person's soul notes. He explains that a person's spiritual development happens best when in an area that resonates with their soul notes. He gets to a question on the photon cloud and he confirms its effects on the planet's magnetic shield as an increase to solar activity. He ends the side after a answering a few more questions on the subject of Tuella and her writings of the planned mass evacuation of the planet in the case of a pole shift by Ashtar Command.

On side two Omal assists in setting the record straight right at the beginning by laying out the logistics of moving billions of people off the planet in colony ships two million at a time in ships over five miles long. It's Kiri's turn next who revisits questions on the photon cloud but addresses the spiritual side of the effects the cloud has on each of us. This is where we learn that it affects us in how it increases the body's frequency which amplifies a person's spiritual growth. She answers one last question before over half the crowd have to head down the mountain so it's on a question of sentient engines. We get as far on the subject as Kiri is allowed to by Omal so too much information is not revealed. After it is just down to two questioners, we learn of the vetting process each channeling session gets and that we sometimes will get more information than would normally be allowed but that is because it is an initial incarnation to this planet for one of our group. Karra takes the place of her sister in the channeling pyramid on the base who helps me review the state of my shields throughout the session and I am reminded by her of when she was in my mind while I was getting my skis fixed. An employee had offered a beer and it may have affected me when I found my shields tested shortly thereafter. We get into a good conversation then about shielding and intoxication. She ends her time going over each of the psychic skills and how an operant in each is determined and how with what little coercion she and I have we can control each other at times.

This months editorial is called "Star Wars and Star Peace". A higher dimensional view of classic novel's title.
The sum of our knowledge is just a figment of our reality.