Part 1

The History of Sirius and Earth and the Secret of the 144,000

Channeled by Kiri on 10-24-1995

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 Time: Long before the settling of Atlantis
Place: The Planet Sirius B

    In the first age of the second millennium prior to the arising, the great lord Maktow better known as Maktow the Magnificent, bore three sonís, Centar, Satar and Tonar. They lived in the southern continent of the planet where the climate is very hot, similar to your Egypt. Satar and Maktow were removed, so the records state, by Tonar. What happened to the other brother is unknown, it wasn't recorded. Tonar was known as Tonar the evil. He built himself a vast temple complex that rivaled any that had been built since or prior to his arising to power. He created a great state that ran totally on the hierarchy of slavery. In the tenth season of his reign he decided it was time to build his mortuary shrine and around him he gathered a vast wealth. On his death he was entombed within the great tomb, but he set in motion an atonement from his ancestors for those who followed after him to atone for what he had done which was great corruption and great violence and hurt. Not only for the people, but to the land and the animals that lived upon the land. The daughters of Tonar who started off as priestesses under his sway, decided that it was necessary to increase their influence. They amassed a great army to invade the areas to the north and to the west. There was great blood shed and much sadness and harm done to the land also.

    At this time, a tribe within the territory of the continent arose, a great ambitious tribe. They had been suppressed by Tonar until his death. They arose and gathered strength but did not use violence that had been used. They used the new weapon that they were learning, the weapon within the mind. These were called the children of Luntar. Although Luntar was supposedly a mortal who had walked three land a thousand years before the strife had started. It was rumored that he was still alive and not a mortal but an immortal, but this had never been proved. They were ruthlessly crushed and beaten but they were not beaten totally. They moved further into the desert and became a new tribe with a new name. They became the servants of truth, light and wisdom. But because they weren't ready yet to use their full abilities, they waited.

    Meanwhile to the north and to the west, a great empire had been carved the daughters of Tonar. They created a great bureaucracy but they had no leader. They worshiped Tonar as if he was still alive and they behaved as if he was still with them, though he was still incarcerated within the tomb that he had chosen for his mortuary. A time passed and they arose a great temple but it wasnít a true temple for it was corrupted within.

    The tribe that was in the deep desert in the time learned to use their abilities and mind. They were now fully perfected and ready to use their abilities. One of the key abilities that they used was the power of the mind to persuade other people without harming them, they called this coercion and they were skilled. Even by today standards they were skilled. They amassed an army of a hundred and forty four thousand men and women to work together as one mind. They marched upon the capital and using their minds the subdued the daughters of Tonar. And they repented in their terror and those that did not repent died by their own minds and their own hands seeing the horror they had reaped that was now around them and within them and all over them.
    But the people of the Mind and the Truth and the Wisdom felt sad for what they had done and they procreated, for what was to come was even worse than what they had done. All of them decided that their mind was too powerful together as one and no one should live with the deed that they had done as a mind. And they died as one, as a body would die, they died and it was a great sadness. It is said that the sun wept blood as they died. But the children that they had borne had learned by their lessons and in their memory they had built a great temple. For each person of the mind that died, they laid a block for each one and it was of great size, a very great size. It was a wonder of the land and still is a wonder of the land. And for each one that had died, their name was carved on a block but it was not laid all in one sitting. For each one that had died, a day was given of ceremonies of wisdom and of seeking knowledge. And this took some time, a hundred and forty four thousand days to build this shrine. And when it was finished, the mind of the person that led the rebellion was set to shine from the top capstone and a great light radiated out from that light.

    A time passed and all was forgotten except for the records that were kept within. For some strange reason that was not understood at the time, the great shrine had become alive. The rocks built within stayed perfectly true. You could not pass paper or laser through the cracks. Laser could not penetrate it and no one could see how to get within. They probed it with all sorts of devices, sonic, mental and so on because the children had learned to use more than just the one ability. They had learned that by using the mind they had become the gods that they had once worshiped. But they did not totally forget why they had built the shrine and they called it by a strange name and that was pyramid, for it had many sides and many faces and within it was said you could listen and hear the heartbeat. To probe it with the mind was impossible for they were not yet ready.

    A time passed and much of it was covered up with sand. The land changed and became unbearable to live in. People moved away but they did not forget where they had come from. The ages passed by and it became a time of great death and harm throughout the land all over, but those that survived had become very powerful with their mind. There was a great upheaval throughout the land, both the people that walked as well as the land. Strange things were happening in the sky, peoples skin were blistering. Holes within our layer of protection throughout the atmosphere formed. It was hypothesized that the sun was dying but this was not so. In fact the sun had entered a new phase and those that remained had learned to accept what was coming. They knew that wisdom and knowledge, the key that they had been seeking, was at hand.

    At this time, a great exodus happened throughout all the planet and we had sister worlds that had developed and those worlds were Centari, Earth, Mars, and little colonies on satellites that floated through space and time. There were many more sister worlds, and trade between the worlds was common and prevalent for our world was dying, or so we thought. And on these worlds that they went, they built the memory of the pyramid seeking for the knowledge that had been lost. But not yet quite on Earth had they built the knowledge they were looking for. For Earth was to be a home for the pure. A utopia they said it would be, but they took the disease of dissension with them that they possessed.

    At this time on Sirius, a greater upheaval started to occur. More people died and disappeared, their bodies never to be seen except as shadows on the land. Those in fear moved to the continent that had been forbidden by the heat, dust and radiation as they now called it. They arrived there seeking knowledge, wisdom and they had grown much in their minds abilities. One with her mind penetrated the great thing that they called the pyramid. Inside she saw the minds that lived within each single rock and she guessed that the hundred and forty four that had led the rebellion were also inside her mind. She searched through the through the pyramid and found the door that had been hidden. With great skill and work with her followers, she penetrated the pyramid to seek itís wisdom and knowledge and when she walked in she disappeared and all were afraid of what had happened. No one had heard of someone disappearing into nothing. Within the pyramid she was all that it was, she knew all that it had learned, all that had happened and saw that it must be connected to others throughout the sister worlds. She worked within it and did not know that time had passed and when she came out it had been many suns that had set and risen. In fact it had been three hundred and ninety two suns rising and setting. She rested for awhile and wondered where her followers had gone. She looked throughout the land and found them hiding in caves away from the radiation, in gardens they had created by using the lights of their minds. She went to them and they were afraid, for she had disappeared and changed. When she had come back she was no longer burned on the skin from the radiation of the sun, but clean and pure as those of old had been. She explained to them what had happened and they thought she was a legend come to life. They thought that she was one of the daughters of the supposed and evil Tonar. But she pleaded with them that she was not and to prove that she was not, she let them look within her mind and they saw within her mind the power that she had become and what was to come was not to be feared but was the beginning. And within each point of her mind a light burned, a hundred and forty four thousand of each and every one.
    All those that had been back in the martyrs, the oneís that had given up their lives so that the new world could be born because they knew that they had done great harm and they had to atone for it. She had the knowledge of each and every one within her mind. She protected her followers as they went back to the Great Pyramid that they now called it for it had great powers that they did not know, for it was not a thing of rock and stone, but a living, breathing entity. And they went within the great chambers and they looked around and they lived there for a time for it supplied them with all that they needed. But it did not give it to them just as gifts, it made them work. In return for the work and the upkeep, it furnished them with the soils on the ground within the great chambers. They excavated underneath and dug great caverns to live within, they were protected. And as they lived within the Great Pyramid, each and every day their bodies became healthier and better. Eventually people heard of this and they came to live within the Great Pyramid, but it was very crowded which was just as well for what was to happen was the worst of all things.

    All around wars had broken out, riots, people with rotting skin and sores and cuts scrabbling for food, for the land could no longer support them all. Great hordes of people came to live within and when there was a number that was acceptable to the Great Pyramid, it closed its doors and they all within slept and those without fought and struggled to get within but they could not for they were not the ones to live within the Great Pyramid. The world outside turned harsh and the computer within, for now it had knowledge, constructed as itself an image that would last forever. It was now a computer of vast, immense intelligence. The world outside battered on it and chipped and attacked but the rocks stayed sharp, crisp, and clear. And then the worst of all occurred. The world ripped itself to pieces, it was shattered, destroyed and all was laid bare. And the hundred and forty four thousand souls that lived within each rock pulled all back together and those that slept within slept through all this ghastly mess. The minds that lived within the rock had pulled together to form a new land, for now it was no longer blighted by a nasty sun that burnt terribly hot.

    Time passed and many moons arose and set far beyond the counting of those that were within, for they were unaware of time. The flesh, blood and bones rested and changed, became clean and pure as the race once was. When they awoke, they lived within their caverns not knowing what was outside for they remembered that it was a desolate wasteland of radiation, heat and dust. But the wise one woke one morning and heard a voice calling from outside. She walked out and saw the garden that now surrounded them. There was no one else around so she walked and looked at the land. The trees that grew there she had never seen, she had heard of them, but only in stories from her childhood. She walked for miles and miles not knowing which way to go. She smelt the flowers as she walked, she saw the beasts running through the fields, she walked in the grass and took off all of her clothes to enjoy the radiant and beautiful light that shone all around. She walked for many moons never seeing a soul, living off the streams, living off the trees, off the land but never hurting or harming any beast that walked upon the land. And what she ate off the land she asked if she could take. For the fish that she took was there to eat. She asked but they did not answer for they were not awake. After a time she returned back to her home and decided it was time to wake the race but it was late so she thought it was best to sleep.
    In her sleep she had a great dream of a land that was to become and a voice of old that told her what was to be done. It was a voice atonement that sung for a long time, that had been asleep and entrapped within the minds that had become the pyramid. It was the daughters of Tonar that sought mercy to be set free to right the wrongs that had been done. They became the minds guardian that tells when we do wrong. She slept for a long time not knowing what was happening, not knowing if it was two or three days, a week, a month, she did not know but when she woke she felt fresh and strong and knowing all that happened and she knew she had the keys within her. She woke her friends, she woke those that had slept within, the hundred and forty four thousand walked once again. With each and every one there was a new light for they were all pure and had learned in their sleep what abilities they should have and how they should use them. But they were not all blessed with all the abilities. Some had one, some had two, some even had three but none had four or five, for they were the beginners of a race.

    This ends part 1 of The Sirian Chronicles. Part 2 will follow at a later date.

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