Ashtar-Athena; Greetings and felicitations and welcome to this evening. Tonight we are here to discuss in further depth the upcoming plans for the growth of your planet, the birthing of a new world into a new structure and all that is needed in the discussions necessary for the tools to create the perfect learning to facilitate this growth to the best possible medium. It is my duty as a light sister to be able to communicate with you in a method that is suiting and fit for your environment. With the blessings that I bring with my peace and harmony I share with you the joys and the spirit of all the bounty that is to come. With the growth that is necessary for the learning process in communications with other species,  you will come to understand the joy and harmony that is possible for all outweighs the struggle and the difficulties that you have been through in the past. It is necessary to facilitate this growth as part of your spiritual enlightenment and it is our happy duty to be able to do so in such a way that is mutually beneficial for all. The struggles and difficulties that come through bringing a new society to being on a higher level of consciousness is not easy but I am sure you can all do this to the best of your ability. In your spiritual enlightenment and the deeds to be done it is necessary to be clear and pure of heart. Distractions that go on around you must be put aside and dealt with at a later time so that the birth that can be given to your planet in its new environment can be facilitated. Without this mutual understanding, the birth process becomes harder. So, it is necessary to be able to communicate with other beings so that it is easier to facilitate the spiritual growth that is going on in this process. As a Lightsister, it is my pleasure to be able to watch and learn from the growth process that you and other species are going to go through. No longer will there be the hatred and the animosity and the looking down from other species points of view. You will be all one proceeding to a higher level of consciousness. Your physical forms may be different, your physical communications may be different but the spiritual growth that entails in such a process will bring you closer together. Whether you are a Zeta Reticulli, a Reptaloid, a Humanoid or any of the other myriad of species that are involved in process all over your universe, you are all one in the end. The spiritual beings that come from these struggles enable you to transcend your Earthly angers and physical bonds to become a spiritual and physical being of understanding of immense intelligence. It is a process that goes on not just in just one small sector of space but throughout space as planets grow and evolve. It is duty for us as Lightsisters to watch over and protect and nurture but not to interfere unless the process is deemed detrimental to the growth process. When we interfere in mediums such as this, we try to communicate in a way that is able to facilitate your growth. When struggles and difficulties appear, we do interfere when it is deemed necessary after much deliberation and debate. However as a rule we do not interfere unless it is a possibility of an extinction of a race and a species. Then we interfere and do what we can to create an environment likewise to what was destroyed. Being able to communicate to you tonight in all this glory and light is my pleasure and honor. Ashtar-Athena out.

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