Greetings and felicitations. I am honored to be able to speak to you as a representative of Ashtar Command. It is my function as keeper to be able to relay information to you that is necessary as a light brother from a light sister. To understand the necessary harmony and love that we bring to you as a representative with joy and a feeling of love for all things. To communicate with you as best as we may as Lady Ashtar Athena, to be able to facilitate the growth and the harmony through love and understanding as a light sister to all of your planet that all of our love above the sisterhood of light and the brotherhood of light to be able to help you with your growth in your development of your lightbodies to the higher consciousness that you are naturally progressing to. To facilitate to growth and understanding of all beings, not only of the human race but all races involved in this opportunity for mutual understanding and development. The timescale that is to be involved is irrelevant to the primary goal and purpose of this development and to be able to bring about a harmony that has not been felt in eons. To understand the natures of each race and how the karmic behavior and interaction of all these races have played a long and progressive role from the very earliest existence's of each race's current physical forms. The development in doing so is spiritual understanding and spiritual growth for all the parties involved in these discussions on the development and evolution of consciousness of all minds. The necessary development of even the littlest, most vocalist of all the beings that are participating. Their representatives and the people that act and play through the harmony of growth is a key to understanding all things that are necessary to development. The wishing and the wills of the mass of the majority is irrelevant to the overpowering growth that is the natural progression to understanding of the development. The opportunities to become lightworkers for all races, all beings on the objective goals that have been long laid out in the development. To reestablish links from long ago to work together as a race of beings of many different cultures, many different ethnic backgrounds, many different physical appearances. From gray bodies to little beings with pointed ears and tails. To Reptoids and to Peladians and to the humanoids that are involved. To beings of light such as myself to work together to achieve a common goal of blazing not only one worlds existence and vibrational frequency but all worlds vibrational frequency to a level harmony and understanding that is necessary to fulfilling of all races. The goals that have been long laid out for the achievement of these races. To achieve understanding, whether it is through mediums of research and development that is not beneficial for one race to another but, the understandings and the developments that are in these discussions. Cryptic comments are something that are going to present a problem, but as communications begin, misunderstandings are going to happen. These discussions in their earliest and preliminary stages will take many, many months and years to progress to a fortuitous point where they will progress to serious talks on what is needed to be addressed. But the understandings that occur in the host bodies that are willingly participating to achieve a higher light frequency and vibration of many worlds. It's something that the individuals have not sought, those that seek to be able to advance themselves on a physical third dimensional level through gains that serve no purpose apart from themselves will also be looked at and addressed. Some of these individuals obviously need to understand that they need to exist and therefore need these fiscal incomes. But these discussions are not for fiscal gain or the advancement of individuals, but of races. Races of many different backgrounds as I have previously stated. As a lightworker, and having full access to my karmic Akashic records, I have seen many things in myself that I see in many of those people that are going to be present. Those third dimensional people that have willingly offered their services in a humanoid form will benefit the most, if they remember to be pure of heart and to let those that wish to speak through them, speak clearly and unfiltered without intervention. If they let their own beings and feelings interfere within these discussions, it will not do harm but just slow down the process as replacement host beings that will then take their place. As was said by my previous two esteemed colleagues, that it is a duty that they have willingly participated in in the past. To fulfill this role, it is necessary for them to be able to do it without letting their beings interfere in the process and to let those that are representing the races that are present to their duty to discuss what is necessary, to fulfill the oaths that they had set long ago. Thank you very much for your time. I am not used to speaking to so small a group, the vocal representatives of two different races. (a kitten that was present also). Love and light to you, may your harmonies and frequencies achieve their full potential and a blessing be upon you.

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