Omal; Greetings and felicitations, Greetings Russ, Greetings Skip. OK, let us go over Tia’s Political points. This is a discussion she has been having on the ongoing developments, now her information in valid and correct in every sense but her opinions are her opinions and that needs to be stressed. Her ability to analyse and size up a situation is very talented. Let me add on now to Daniel’s dissertation by saying that it is necessary for the spiritual growth of your planet to be able to host these discussions. In hosting these discussions it aids in the growth of the learning process, not only of your species and other species, but in species that are just participating just by observing. In the learning process there is understanding of the growth that is growing within all life forms that participate in the levels that your planet has been through. Ascension is part of the growth process in all species. Whether that happens in the near future or the far distant future is irrelevant. The main important thing to remember is that growth is happening. The understanding the growth is a part of the natural development is something the people on your level tend to lose sight of when they are involved with their daily lives. All species as a group know that growth is a constant factor. OK, questions and answers.
Skip; I have one question, In the last decade, is this why some people have become more spiritually aware and awakened as some people put it?
Omal; Yes. It is part of the development of all beings that they realise as a group that they are growing and the growth that happens is a natural outcome of this realisation. It in essence speeds up the growth process.
Skip; Well it seems that more and more people are becoming aware that we are not the only beings in the universe.
Omal; I think it was stated by one of your popular scientist authors that to assume that you are the only species is not only short sighted, but arrogant. To see things as you are the pinnacle, you are the top and the best there is obviously is very wrong. Life forms take on many different shapes as Karra mentioned last week that there are a quite a number of diverse life forms throughout the universe in different appearances and incarnations.
Russ; With the increased possibility of Tia’s Defcon level rising, how is this going to affect the talks as far as the scheduling goes?
Omal; Not at all, unless you slide into scenario C and then all bets are off.
R; That would be a bit of a distraction.
Omal; Yes, survival is a distraction.
R; Tia didn’t touch on this but if Clinton was impeached and Gore came into office as president, what scenario does that fall under.
Omal; That would be scenario B in Tia’s updated predictions. I cannot go into too much detail because I am waiting to hear back from Ashtar and Sananda on whether we can proceed with the projections for the next five years. They are still being discussed and debated.
R; So we came pretty close to going to Defcon three?
Omal; The way that we have set it up is that you yourselves can declare a Defcon advancement. If you remember, what constitutes an increase to Defcon three?
R; Well, we would need key points or events to happen at the same time.
Omal; Which would be?
R; It would be an incidence of civil disobedience on a large scale, a natural disaster which has financial and economic affects and a drop in the stock market of a hundred and fifty points by the end of the day.
Omal; Correct, that is Defcon three. What is Defcon two?
R; Defcon two would be a drop in the market of three hundred points……
Omal; Two hundred and fifty.
R; Two hundred and fifty point drop, two natural disasters at the same time and a civil disobedience in three separate locations.
Omal; Correct, and let us not go into Defcon one as that is pretty horrific and don’t forget, one can be skipped over for another depending on what happens but having that knowledge you can determine what constitutes an increase in Defcon status and can make an announcement yourselves. We can countermand by making a release if we feel yours was accurate and erroneous. You do not have access to all the information that we have. So by being able to set it up in such a way that a communiqué can be followed by a corrected communiqué. Next and final question.
Russ; No more at this time.
Omal; Skip?
Skip; No sir.
Omal; Very well then, live long and prosper and…..I’ll be back.

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