Sananda; First of all smile, relax……..laugh. Greetings and felicitations fellow lightbrother. I am honored to be able to communicate with you tonight. Now on tonight's little matter and discussion and the progression that has happened, It is my feeling and my belief as a representative of the Light Council of Twelve, as a representative of the Brotherhood of Light and the Sisterhood of Light, that to achieve this harmony is mutually beneficial for all races. Now it is my understanding that certain obstacles have come into play. Do not crucify yourself over this, I have had experience in that. But, remember my lesson on crucifixion and how I came through it. That in itself was a lesson that was long in the learning and long in the passing on. It's story has changed a little over the years but the simple basic truth is still there, and by discussing my crucifixion in itself gives a key to what is about to happen. As a communicator, you feel the urge to try to hurry things up. Do not hurry things up, everything will happen in their own time. To hurry matters achieves nothing and the more that you hurry means the longer it will take to get to it's achieved goal. Achieving the goal is the purpose, so being patient is the important lesson. Do not let yourself be stressed out and do harm to yourself over the fact that only one person has responded, (to invitations to the talks) that is irrelevant . What is relevant is the fact that these discussions are starting and that one person has agreed. It doesn't matter if all had agreed, it is important that this is a start and the opportunity that was long in the making to occur. The offer of Rene Muller is greatly appreciated and he will achieve his rewards for that. The fact that he is one of the representatives of one of the races is not only an acceptance of recognition but it is also the acceptance of a third race, a third group. So when you crucify yourself that you have only had one answer, in actual fact you have had two. A representative of two different races plus our own being three. So therefore you have not failed, in fact you have succeeded very admirably and deserve a pat on the back, I thank you. You are achieving goals that you have set long ago and achieving those goals brings you that much closer with each step to the achievement of your desires and your dreams. This growth that you are going through is an opportunity, and a gift has been offered you as a thank you. A part of a consciousness that you will recall. But that is not all the gift, there is more to this gift then you realize, something that you have longed for, something that Karra is aware of. Madam Ambassador, she will let you in on the secret at the appropriate time. It is a gift that you have set up yourself, from Russell Hatfield to Russell Hatfield. Enjoy the gift when you realize that it is a gift.

Now, to address the matter at hand and the reason that I am here today is not only to thank you for all the hard work that you have put into this but to give you a new objective. That is not to push yourself so hard, but yet achieve the goal that you so desire. As I stated, each step towards this goal is a step closer to a very high reward. But, if you react wrongly, then you will do more harm to the goal then you have designed to do so. So, as my esteemed colleague Korton stated, it is necessary to be patient and to weigh each word carefully as you progress. So, what have we learned so far? We have learned that it is important to be patient, and the rewards that come from being patient are more than you could imagine. As a lightworker, we have learned the understanding that is necessary. We have also learned that it is of no function to yourself or to fellow lightworkers to get that little knot in your intestinal area and cause problems. Nothing is worth giving yourself intestinal problems over. But it is also important to be aware that the goals are necessary to meet and you do have a timetable. The timetable that has been set is imposed by yourself. You will know when the timetable is running according to your projections and when it is not. The feeling is something that is there to remind you but not something to have intestinal discomfiture over. Now with this understanding it is important to realize that there is much to learn and what possible outcomes there are in the learning process. Tell me, what do you think the lessons will be?
Russ; The lessons will be in how to evolve to the next evolutionary step that we are working so hard to achieve.
Sananda; Correct. Now, could you do me an honor?
R; Yes, of course.
Sananda; Be yourself. I am like you, except for my body is of light. I do not need to sleep, you do. But in essence we are the same. Once I was a mortal of third dimensional carbon, calcium, iron as you are now. I had thought processes that ran linear as your do. So to act as some higher being is wrong, I am like you. Please, treat me so. That is an important lesson. The fact that I am an ascended being is unimportant, you are the one that makes things happen. You are the one living in your reality, not myself. I serve a purpose, to serve you, not for you to serve me. I am not a deity, I am a being just like you and I strive to achieve perfection just like you. I have desires and ambitions and goals, just like you. So does that make me better than you?
R; So we are equal.
Sananda; Correct. We are the same. Remember, Korton, Ashtar, Monka, myself, Omal…..we are all the same. And all of us are the same as you are to us. Without you I would not be here tonight. So therefore I serve you. You are as high as I am in evolution, remember that. The gift that is coming is a reward, not from me, as I said earlier, it is from yourself. It is wrapped in something and it says on it; From Russell A. Hatfield to Russell A. Hatfield.
Now, I am going to give you an opportunity, do you have a question?
R; Yes I do actually. (laughs)
Sananda; You have many questions.
R; Well yes but one that I wanted to direct to you and that is concerning the second coming of yourself would be necessary to affect enough people on this planet and a majority would only believe it if they had it live on CNN.
Sananda; Yes…(laughs)
R; With this patience that you talk about, this is something that everyone will see as not a second coming of yourself but a second coming of themselves?
Sananda; Correct, it is not me that will be coming, it is themselves. The second coming is a story, it is a fabrication of items that have a basis in truth. I did say those things, but over the time it has been changed and misquoted. I did not say it in English, I did not say it in Latin, nor did I say it in Greek, so therefore it has been changed. That I am you, I am the feline, I am the host, I am the trees, I am the young lady down the street, I am the recently appointed ambassador, I is everyone. We are all linked together, we are all one being separate and independent from each other but we are all one. In a different way from the group consciousness that have been invited. They are good and whole individuals, much as you are, much as the host is, and the feline, and the young lady down the street, and the young man down the street. They are one and different. The opportunities that are coming their way is up to them to deal with, but yet the interactions of others affect their path as much as they affect their own. The growth that is necessary is a goal that they have set in place. These talks that were planned eons ago are necessary to achieve the harmony as my esteemed colleague Ashtar-Athena said, it will benefit all the races and in doing so will create an opportunity for all. Time will pass, the discussions will turn into a beneficial goal. The goal will be achieved and harmony will occur. But this is just the start, because when those raced involved in these discussions have finished and achieved a mutually beneficial objective, new races will appear and the process will start all over again. This is not the first time these discussions have happened, nor will they be the last. They are something that goes in cycles. As was said, the participants come and go, the participants change, the talks start and end and new talks start and end. The people and the beings involved change but the actual talks, even though they start and stop, never end. It is a learning process for many, many beings. I myself a long time ago attended as a host these exact same discussions that are now going to start. I attended them again as a representative through a host, and now attend them again as a initiator. So, it never really ends. Even though the goal will be achieved that will be beneficial for all races, there will be a pause and then they will start all over again at square one with different races, different hosts, and maybe some of the host bodies will be some of the participants. I hope so, it would be my honor and pleasure to have any one of the hosts bodies as a participant and myself as a initiator again. You may have the opportunity, that is your goal. I cannot tell you what to do, it is wrong for someone such as myself who is after all the same as you, to tell you what you should or should not do. Do you have on last question?
R; Just one.
Sananda; Before you ask the question, relax.
R; The last time you were here……..
Sananda; Before we go, I have another statement to say. It is a story. There was once a captain of a vessel, and he was standing on his quarter-deck one day and a gentleman in the crows nest shouts ''pirate ship off the starboard bow''. The captain shouts ''first mate, bring me my red shirt''. And the captain is given his red shirt and he puts the red shirt on and assuming aggressive action occurs and the pirates are repelled. The men gather around the captain and he congratulates them on beating off an aggressive action. A few hours pass and the captain is relaxing and the gentleman in the observation area shouts ''two pirate ships off the starboard bow.'' The captain stands up on his quarter-deck and shouts ''first mate, bring me my red shirt.'' The captain puts on his red shirt and after a period of time the attack is fended off. The captain sits back down and relaxes and hands back his red shirt. A period of time passes and the gentleman in the observation area shouts ''four pirate vessels off the port bow preparing to attack.'' The captain shouts ''bring me my red shirt''. Puts on his red shirt and they beat off the attack, this time taking on more damage. That evening the crew gathers around the captain and the first mate asks, ''captain, why is it that you always request a red shirt?'' The captain goes, ''so, even if I am injured in the battle, you will not see my wounds and I will continue to fight and defend you.'' The crew thinks on this and think that this is brave and wise. The following day the gentleman in the observation area shouts ''ten pirate ships off the stern preparing to attack.'' The captain shouts to the first mate ''bring me my brown trousers.'' Now ask your question.
R; (ROTFLMAO) The last time you were here with us you asked me those questions concerning my actions in hypothetical situations, you never said whether I was right or wrong and it wasn't till after you left that I learned a very valuable lesson that the person themselves need to decide upon their own fate, we cannot decide that for them, correct?
Sananda; Wrong. You will think on the answer and when I return we will discuss those matters. It is not an easy an answer as you think they are, I will ask you one more question, one to think on. If it became necessary to give up all, what one item would you not give up? Thank you Russell.
R; Thank you

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