Tanaka; Greetings Russ, and how is it going?
Russ; Not bad Omal, yourself?
Tanaka; I must say, I do sound a little like Omal when I am being formal. Tanaka, please.
R; Oh, greetings Tanaka.
Tanaka; Greetings.
R; Not many people call me Russ.
Tanaka; True, but you are a kinsman (Tanaka is Kiri and Karra's father, therefore Mark and myself's father in law).
R; How are you doing tonight?
Tanaka; I am doing well. Ok, let me say as a newly elected representative of Sirius, I am honored to be here tonight. As my first official duty I would like to say thank you on behalf of all those who elected me. Now, down to business. What is occurring at this time, is a situation of unprecedented possibilities in the consciousness of all humankind on your planet. It is an opportunity for communication not only between third dimensional humans, but all extraterrestrial lifeforms within the galactic sector that has interaction in one capacity or another with your planet. As a representative of Sirius, it is my duty and honor to fulfill an oath, to be part of the oath keeping. Even though I have never been trained for this capacity, it is something that has been linked into me from my earliest years as a member of the Sirian Council. The duty that is necessary for me to fulfill this function is to offer the protection of Sirius for your planet to fulfill the oath in a non-intervention capacity which has been drawn up by Ashtar and Sananda. This is to be able to facilitate a neutral discussion ground for the various races to create a harmony so that all the races that are involved, that is the human race, the Peladians, the Sirians, the Zeta Reticuli, the Reptoids, and any other race that wishes to participate has a free and neutral area in which to discuss the possibilities of a harmonic peace process that would facilitate all races evolution on a mutually beneficial course. Non of the parties will be harmed in any way by any of the other parties involved. However, to set up this, we need to first of all have a discussion on how the talks should proceed. What will be covered in the talks, what will not be covered in the talks, how the talks will be set up and in what ways that is mutually agreeable to all the races. So, in the meetings to decide how the discussions on creating this peaceable environment for all parties, it is necessary in the preliminaries to discuss key topics, and I will let those be addressed by those most suited to do so. But, the function of the Sirian representatives are to insure peace in the process, that no individuals will be interfered with and nothing will change till the main body of the talks start. That is on a separate time schedule from the original concept. Do you have any questions?
R; Yes, with all the parties meeting, including us as a race, we are all meeting as equals?
Tanaka; Correct.
R; So the basic format of the talks is to establish that principle?
Tanaka; Correct. The actual talks themselves will start after the initial negotiations have taken place on the demands and compromises on each race. Until that point there will be no interference in an extra capacity of the protecting organizations. They will continue as if there is nothing going on. So in essence, nothing changes.
R; So our world is still being kept safe by those on Hades Base.
Tanaka; And others. First of all, let me address the mode of speech which must be used in the discussions. That there is no abductions, that that term must not be used. There is no prevention, no interference. Those terms cannot be used as they imply that one side is an aggressor and one side is a defender. It has to be worded very trickily. As a politician, it is necessary to word things very, very carefully. A wrong word can undo many years of hard work or slow down the process. An inflection or comment, these things have to be weighed very carefully and accurately and precisely before they are put into vocalization or into a medium that is readable. Any more questions?
R; Just the one, I assume then that your daughter would be working with me as far as the communication level to assure this to happen.
Tanaka; Correct. In essence you will be representing the Sirian side as she is being appointed by the President of Sirius as the representative for communication from Sirius. In other words, she will be in constant contact with me, whenever it is necessary she will relay all information to me and I will relay all information to her that is relevant. Unfortunately this does take her away from the primary function as a healer. She is in actual fact representing Sirius on Hades Base. She is as you might say Ambassador Karra Tanaka. She is no longer medic, or nurse Karra Tanaka, she is Ambassador Karra Tanaka from Sirius to Hades Base, Lady Karra Tanaka. It is an honor to both of you, thank you.

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