Letter From The Editors
For April Of 2014

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    It isn't fair to compare the morals of two different dimensions because any comparison has to take in the fact that a dimension like the sixth does not use money and war, greed, prejudice, sickness, polution and hate have no place there. Civilization above the third is civilized with the inhabitants of Sirius for example living close to a thousand years in full recollection of their past lives. Trying to compare that with third dimensional Earth is the truest definition of a dichotomy. Moral standards established over hundreds of thousands of years look unobtainable when compared to standards developed after only a few thousand years but the differences are really only a matter of perception.

    Tia's emotional dissertation on the corruption of our political situation in the Monster Session came as a result of the unique position she is in. Coming from a third dimensional world that was close to transitioning to the sixth dimension, she was able to make the adjustment in lifestyles with ease but as an analyst collecting data on our planet, she sees events as we in the public relying on the news media cannot. The dichotomy is something she understands but can still be morally outraged that we in this dimension have that as part of our lessons. Seeing a dysfunctional system at work but living in a functional one, her frustration sometimes comes out in her channelings.

    Kiri on the other hand seems to revel in the dichotomy and you can never tell which sexual tryst will come out during the session. Her dimension does not have sexually transmitted diseases, birth defects, unplanned pregnancies or jealousy. Where taboos developed to propagate our species in the best way possible dictated how unions between two people were accepted in the history of our society, no such compunctions are needed in a dimension where the partners not only share thoughts telepathically but also have access to the previous lives with their partner. Most unions are joyous reunions and often a chance to mend the karma of a past life where it is still unresolved.

    Any fan of Star Trek knows the principles of the Prime Directive and can relate in Omal's description of how Ashtar Command applies those same morals in working with third dimensional worlds reaching for ascension. This is one area where the dichotomy is at its closest point between the two dimensions. The United States and other nations often assist third world countries in their attempts to rise from the poverty and social issues that plague their existence. Sometimes it is done behind the scenes in much the same way Ashtar Command works through webpages like this one or in a thousand other different ways. Other times it is done in our skies and space as when dealing with other third dimensional races not of our world one could compare to scientists that experiment on animals. Their study of the human race in ways that include experimentation are allowed if the process has already begun. This is because the person being experimented on has subconsciously given permission to a race like Grays to conduct those experiments. Ashtar Command only takes action when an abduction happens which falls into the category of interference.

We are called to a higher moral standard and to those who hear the call, here is a fact that makes that abundantly clear. As related in The Sirian Chronicles, it took 144,000 special stones to construct the Great Pyramid of Sirius in which those sheltered within found themselves ascended to the sixth dimension after a very long sleep. The Great Pyramid of Giza was encased in a 144,000 gleaming white casing stones which were removed some 600 years ago. This was no coincidence but a clear mandate that we can live by any moral values we choose, the trick is to be able to uphold them on a world without all the advantages of a higher dimensional environment. The human race has all the tools it needs to live at that higher standard. We have become more inclusionary and anyone who has ever owned a cat or a dog has felt a telepathic bond with them pointing to an existing latent psychic skill. A growth in that skill coupled with a higher standard of morals planet wide could make that dichotomy more of a discrepancy. 

In Love and Light as one,

Russ and Karra