Letter From The Editors

For April of 2022

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First contact? How About Constant Contact?

   The human race is an endangered species. Restricted to one planet that has a history of cataclysmic meteor strikes, nuclear armed nations, out of control weather and pandemics, humanity can use all the help it can get. One wild factor that could throw everything into chaos would be some sort of alien invasion. Survival into the 22nd, 23rd or 24th centuries will require our race to spread out among the stars. The current environment politically among governments doesn't make that a strong possibility and even a UFO landing on the White House front lawn wouldn't be enough to unite the planet. Any first contact a peaceful race of aliens would make would be met with suspicion and be seen as favoritism of one nation over the rest. People wish for some alien race to come down and solve all our problems but we're not quite ready for that to happen just yet.

   The history of the human race is filled with stories of strange encounters with beings from the stars. History is consistent though, our interaction with races other than our own have always been big holes in our collective knowledge. Strange craft in the sky, encounters with beings not of Earth, all have been a part of our reality which finds growing acceptance yearly. As interest grows, so does the quest for answers and who was flying those crafts that even the government now admits exists. Blurry video and out of focus stills is all the hard evidence so far collected leaving the mystery still a mystery. None of this is by accident and what information does get out is carefully controlled. That's where Ashtar Command comes in. Since the ships of the command can't land on earth for the reasons stated, we do have access to the pilots that fly them.

   First contact has been happening for centuries and if anything is becoming more prevalent with the advent of the Internet. Websites like ours have channeling sessions from intergalactic organizations like the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command. It's through those information portals where higher dimensional knowledge is shared with us for those ready to accept what is being taught. There is no need for their presence on earth since those established contacts provide them a great cross-section of humanities level of evolution. Instead of a fleet of ships with representatives of the peaceful races of the galaxy, emissaries in the form of channelers relay what it is they wish us to know. That leaves it up to choice, our choice in whether it is in our best interests to accept the information is valid.

   When Karra was assigned a posting on Hades Base, it was to be as a healer for life serving a couple hundred years on a planet called Mars many light-years from her home world of Sirius. Little did she know that after reestablishing her link to me as my twin soul that she would be elevated to the role of ambassador of Sirius. She sees our world through my eyes and finds ways to assist in our planed evolution through Ashtar Command's efforts on our behalf. The Galactic races of the galaxy know our situation better than we do and keep us safe as we find our way into their backyards, only the third dimension. In a world without borders we would already be reaching the stars and will be one day when our survival is on the line. Until then, there's no need to wait for first contact since that was established long ago.
In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra