Letter From The Editors
For April of 2017

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    Published in 1869, Leo Tolstoy’s epic novel “War and Peace” chronicles the lives of people wrapped up in their own worlds while the world around them is going up in flames. The intertwining story lines of a diverse cast of characters goes to the question at the very heart of the novel asking what is fate and what is free will? The individuals of the story come to life with the reading and could almost step out of the pages from the various situations the reader’s imagination conjures. Even though it is a work of fiction, it doesn’t lose the presence of reality all good books bring to life. Stories have the power to awaken the emotions, provoke thought and uplift the soul but what about a non-fictional part of our reality rarely heard of and believed in even less? War and peace is not something restricted to just our planet in the universe and both concepts take place above us and beyond us constantly. Here in the Sol Sector, the Brotherhood of Light operates under the aegis of Ashtar Command through the pilots of Hades Base who patrol Earth's skies and, as with the Sirian Defense Force who assist other third dimensional worlds like ours, transition from a higher dimension to the third dimension to accomplish their mission though only one has any interaction with this planet’s security.

    The dichotomy of someone from a higher dimension doing a job that may involve killing someone else often raises confusion as to its need. We will try to clarify that need by starting with the Hades Base pilots and the mission they do in preventing interference from third dimensional, non-Earth entities like the Grays. We call the pilots “The Blue Guys” affectionately for the skin pigmentation of their race, a race we learned that had been genetically modified with the qualities that make them the superior pilots they are. They can be found throughout the galaxy piloting craft for other races and operate independently of Ashtar Command from various bases and planets. For those pilots like Flight Commander Taal who can be heard in some of the podcasts, they have been assigned to work with Ashtar Command in maintaining the security of humanity with each day possibly being their last they see of their families as they leave the base for the three minute flight to reach their patrol zones or rush to the aid of other pilots. Symbiotically bonded with their craft from their earliest days, they share a connection that few of us can imagine and if lost in battle, move on to the waiting period unknown, unmourned and unthanked by us for the perilous job they do ensuring our growth from other races who may not have our best interests at heart.

    How to describe The Sirian Defense Force? It’s hard to convey the commitment those of the higher dimensions have in assisting those of the third dimension in reaching their next evolutionary jump to a dimension without wars, money or prejudice. To that end every Sirian joins the Defense Force unless they do not wish to do harm to others in fulfilling that oath they had taken as a planet. Other Sirians like Lyka, who can also be heard in many of the podcasts take on that promised time instead for the honor earned at the end of their service which can last often half their lives or some five hundred years. While having never been to this planet, we have heard through Lyka of several of the races the Sirian Defense Force have helped in their quest for ascension. In each case it has been a population on the verge of being swallowed by the darkness in need of help finding a thread to the light again. So as to not interfere themselves in a race's growth, the Defense Force have to use weapons conventional to the planet they’re helping and not the advanced weaponry available to them. They also have to do what they do unacknowledged for the role they play by the people they are helping all in the name of the light. Before being assigned to the base, Karra and her soul mate had joined up out of college as medics and went through the training necessary prior to being deployed. During one harrowing mission on some faraway planet they were doing field medicine of the wounded in a war torn city where only the bones of the once bustling city were left. A wounded soldier needed tending so they rushed to her aid and as they were tending her wounds, Karra’s soul mate looked out over the broken wall of their concealment to be suddenly hit in the head by an enemy’s laser beam. Watching her soul mate die devastated Karra and is a vision I’ve been given during a sharing of it she did with me once. I had not as yet been exposed to that kind of personal tragedy until then so the scars we shared have helped both of us understand why it had to happen.

    Back here on third dimensional Earth, people are worried about blowups between housewives in various large cities, the price of oil and the loss of jobs to artificial intelligence. Our potential is calling and it would be rude to ignore the call. We have been given through the channeled discussions with members of Ashtar Command on this site and others, examples of how living for the group is significantly better than living for the self. We’re seeing in our higher dimensional mentors ourselves someday when enough lessons have been learned by the human race and a greater wisdom can prevail. Until then, it’s all about growth incarnation after incarnation, going through the lessons that expand consciousness amidst a challenging environment determined to block that expansion. It is in these exciting times that breakthroughs are happening and information of a higher dimensional nature is flooding across the web. Connections are being made that never could have happened before a global network had been established but now that it has, the consciousness explosion about to take place will be a thing of beauty to watch. Much stands in the way but little of it will make any difference to persons of will who are determined to act as those do in the higher dimensions, raising ourselves to the highest level of vibrational stability we can reach and then helping to raise up those at a lower level find the light illuminating their path. Anything we do now is good practice for when that ascension takes place and is also an important part of making that happen. Until then, sacrifices will be made, lives will be lost but we discount as a species our galactic importance in the lack of acceptance of that importance. Were we to do so and act as a unified whole, we could take our place among the Brotherhood of Light assisting other planets find their true potential as well.

In love and life as ONE.

Russ and Karra