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In this sector of space we inhabit, Ashtar Command maintains the security and assists in the development of races of beings on a multi-dimensional scale without directly interfering with their evolution. This assistance is in evidence in this website, where beings who belong to the command channel information to us and it is distributed through various means to those people who wish to expand their consciousness.
Rarely, Ashtar himself will channel when he on the base and I'll include as many of those sessions as I come across them in the archives. Above Ashtar and directing the path of the command is Sananda, the person we knew as Jesus Christ, working still to raise us to a higher level. Below him, Ashtar Command is composed of higher dimensional beings who come from many different planets and races to work together toward a common cause. We are part of a very small piece of space and influence but our enlightenment is still important to Ashtar and those under him.
Our planet has been watched over and protected since long before our ancestors built the pyramids. During that time, much of our history and very existence is due in a large part to their helping hand. Unfortunately, there are some races who wish to exploit our race and study us for experimental purposes. Thanks to the command, we only hear about rare incidences that get past their patrols.

This website is an extension of their work and with it I hope you the reader will do your part to joining the command in uplifting the human spirit in those around you and maintaining their goal of helping us reach our highest potential.

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