Ashtar; Greetings and Felicitations Mr. Hatfield. I would just like to take this moment in time to say thank you very much for your cooperation. Things are progressing nicely. In the past and in the future I have been harsh, this is for a reason. As an analogy, I am a surgeon. By shaping and changing it is necessary for me to do so for you to achieve a goal, a direction. I am the probe that pushes you in the right direction. I am the probe that serves a function as a tool. Even though you may be intimidated and your heart rate may elevate, that is part of the progression. Now, ask a question.
Russ; Is there a genetic clock going off in people now or soon to spur the search for answers. For example the X-files, their guides and so on?
Ashtar; I am not familiar with this X-files but there is a genetic time clock. How it works is outside my understanding. You'd have to talk to a geneticist. Last question.
R; How does the forth dimension interact and influence all the other dimensions?
Ashtar; It influences in the fact that one event follows another, that is how it interacts. It runs in all dimensions and interacts in all dimensions. Time works on the principle that one thing happens to make another thing happen. But it is important to remember that time is not a straight line, it curves, whips, warps and bends, but this is something that you do not need to worry about. A debate that was heard a while ago about time and light bending and curving and warping proves a point, and it also proves that the individual is smarter than anyone knew. Anyway I must depart, farewell.
R; Farewell Ashtar.

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