Commander of Ashtar Command

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  • Occupation: Commander of Ashtar Command.
  • Home Planet: ?


  • Ashtar is higher dimensional leader of the air wing of The Brotherhood of Light known as Ashtar Command and is a person who deserved our highest respect for the role he played in our channeling sessions. Stern, wise, Ashtar's times channeling for our group would bring us to our most seriousness as was his intention each time. While an infrequent speaker, he always seem to know more about us and our activities than we did and would always be able to help us focus on our goals and the tasks at hand.

    Originally channeled by George Van Tassel in 1947, Ashtar informed the world of the fleets of ship Ashtar Command uses to patrol planets like ours to prevent interference from those third dimensional alien races who would freely experiment and and abduct humans without the protection they provide. The conference that had been planned during the sessions is one of the ways Ashtar and the Council of 12 hopes to find common ground between all parties so that an end to the abductions are found. 

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