Ashtar; Greetings and felicitations. Ok, let us get down to the necessary communications. First of all, Spiritual growth. I am delighted to be able to be with you tonight to tell you that you are all progressing well, not exceptionally well but well. Passable would be the appropriate phrase. This is not a put down. Do not feel concerned when I say it is passable but the spiritual growth is important. Learning your capabilities, being prepared for problems to come are very important. Always seeking and questing is important as this aids in the spiritual growth. Comprehension and understanding is important. Ok, next point to cover. The laxidasical attitude of some to shielding. It is important to be able to use your shields when necessary. To be able to switch them on and off when necessary, not to leave them running constantly or switched off constantly. Shields are designed for a purpose, to protect from overload. Do not be so shocked Mr. Hatfield, it is important to be able to control them, to be able to use them both defensively and offensively. My next point, controlling abilities. Focusing abilities is important. In focusing you learn control. It is important when having the potential for an ability that has the possibility for both negative and positive to be watchful and careful on how it is used. An ability such as coercion that has the potential to used in negative and positive needs to be watched with utmost care. An ability that is growing and has that potential for both positive and negative should be watched and monitored carefully. It should be learned how to be controlled. With that growth and ability also comes an analytic nature again which can be used for positive and negative. The planning process can be used for positive and negative. This is not directed at either of you that are here, it is directed at one that is not present (Mark). It is important that a coercive control is used and watched carefully. It is useful to use it for both positive and negative to learn the duality of coercion but, to not use it is far worse than using it in a negative capacity. By using it in a negative capacity, the learning of control and to not do that happens. This can be done in a classroom setting or through practice but light practice. Using coercion in a positive means is just as important and is by far the useful tool of coercion. However, negative coercion is only negative in name if it is used in a way that has positive outcomes. Being able to motivate an individual by using negative coercion makes it good. Last and final point. Gathering and retrieval of information through different mediums. We have a talented young lady that her catch phrase is get information from more than one source. This should be your catch phrase also. Receiving information from one source takes the perspective beyond comparison. Ok, questions.
Skip; I have one question. I set up a shield to protect other people around me from myself because I was unintentionally draining their energy about four years ago.
Ashtar; Three years, nine months, thirty two days, two hours. Why? Yours was designed and I believe it was aided by Mr. Hatfield, Korton and Omal to be a shield that is on permanently. Draining energy from other people does have positive effects. It also has negative effects. At this point you could probably dismantle those shields and go with a more normal shield as you have learned to control that pulling of energy. The pulling of energy is a way of a healer to keep themselves charged with healing energy. Over the years you have done various exercises in healing which help you control the output and impute of energy. So your shielding for the protection of others is more than likely unnecessary at this point. To put them to a use and keep them up is very simple. You now visualize your shields shiny on the outside as opposed to the inside. Does that answer your question satisfactorily?
S; Yes, thank you.
Ashtar; You’re welcome. I'm sorry I cannot answer any more questions but I have a meeting to go to. Good night.


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