Letter From The Editors
For August Of 2014

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(Editors note: The following is a hypothetical letter of welcome written by Karra for someone on Sirius new to Ashtar Command's base on Mars. It is slanted to a slightly wider audience than those of us who find themselves incarnated on this planet in the third dimension.)

Congratulations on being accepted for assignment here with Ashtar Command on Hades Base.

    My name is Ambassador Karra and on behalf of President Tanaka of Sirius and myself, we have prepared this hologram to orient you to your new surroundings now that you will soon be leaving Sirius for the next few years on the base. The reason this is called an underview is due to it being several miles below the surface of Mars. As you  can see from the overhead display, the base is laid out in essentially four parts. The largest amount of space is taken up by Dolphin Lake with the second largest taken up by what we affectionately call Wookie Mountain. Housing and administration take up a significant portion with the space port taking up the rest.

    Upon your arrival, my staff and I will be splitting you into groups based on your housing assignments. As you view your quarters now coming up in the hologram, it may appear small compared to the housing you are used to on Sirius. This is due to the energy required to maintain a fifth dimensional space in which the sixth dimensional base is maintained along with the artificial living conditions and weather control. To maintain over 25,000 personnel in a level of comfort an artificial environment requires, space is carefully delegated. All of you have either had assignments on the city ships or deep space missions to acclimate yourself to tight quarters. Most have also applied for this assignment due to a past life on Earth or a twin soul there with priority being given to the later. You will be able to return to Sirius or your home planet once a year barring emergencies on the shuttles that make the run on a regular basis.

    In the orientation pack you received is a another three holograms. One from the Commander of the base Omal, welcoming you and reminding you to check him with him once you've been settled in. Also, please see Kornas within your first week here at the medical center for a standard health screening. The next hologram you'll find is from Commander Ashtar on the mission of the base. Earth is at a critical point in its development and the collective consciousness of the planet has progressed in a way favorable for ascension. We are here to monitor that progress and aid from the background in a way that does not take away from the learning experience of its inhabitants. To that end, the combat pilots on the base patrol the planet on a constant basis to prevent interference from third dimensional races in the course of that progress. The last hologram in the pack is from Tia in data analysis with the history of the planet to the present day along with some probability data.

    As you can see by the projections Tia has provided, Earth's future can go in one of three ways, the last being the most likely. A complete reversal of consciousness would occur through several of the scenarios listed in the first column. Column B would be the maintaining of the status quo with no major changes coming in the foreseeable future. The last is where the planet takes a leap forward in consciousness as has been planned by Lord Sananda and the Council of Light if the listed scenarios take place. The tens of thousands of years that plan has taken are culminating in an explosion of social networking uniting lightworkers the world over. Borders have disappeared consciously and it is an exciting time to be assigned to the base.

    In closing, what you are leaving can be found here in one way or another so there should be very little transitional discomfiture but let me just say before I can say it telepathically, welcome to the family. We are glad to have you as a part of it.

In Love and Light as one.

Ambassador Karra.