Letter From The Editors
For August of 2017

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The Human Body's Owners Manual

   Congratulations on your choice of vehicles for this incarnation onto third dimensional Earth. We know you have many options to choose from and are sure your decision is one that will serve you for many decades to come if maintained properly over the life of the human body. This section of the manual focuses on that aspect for maintaining the vehicle’s long life by going over the self-diagnostic and maintenance feature built into every model. Your body comes equipped with three sets of user interfaces, an outer shell customizable to the users tastes, an internal framework with all of its operating mechanisms and a twenty-four hour uplink to the control hub of your higher self where the self-diagnostic and maintenance feature is activated. Please remember that loaner vehicles will not be available when your body malfunctions so care at all times should be exercised in the operation of your vehicle when not powered down in sleep mode. We hope the following tutorial will provide you with all you need for the satisfactory ownership of your new or used human body.

   Your body’s health, memory and energy flows can be adjusted or repaired by commands imparted into the maintenance operations center of the brain. With customizable overlays containing the parameters required to repair any minor problems that might occur, thought patterns are going to tell the body what it needs to do to keep it in good running order. For major repairs, we always encourage you to seek out professionals who have been trained to handle anything that can’t be fixed at home. The key command to initiate the self-diagnostic and maintenance feature starts by imagining a flat circle in the shape of a five foot wide disk of any color the operator prefers about a foot above your head. The properties of this disk are that it can pass through your body, permeating every part it touches all the way down to the cellular level. It also has the ability to automatically repair each part of your body or make any improvements the operator desires. One tip before initiating the feature, the disk is a self-learning disk so any information gained ahead of time of what is to be worked on will increase the performance of the feature.

   As the work being done is using the energy produced by the body, be sure to include the seven chakras during this if you so wish. They won’t be mentioned in the following process because they are a factory addition put in at the time of construction but not everyone is comfortable using them. Start the process by bringing the circle down so it passes through the brain and as it does so, it begins to open new pathways to improve memory and recall. Continuing lower, build connections that speed up left brain right brain communications as well as stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands so the chemicals needed in the upcoming maintenance are brought to bear. Next comes the teeth, sinuses and cerebellum as the disk begins its journey past the head and into the neck where muscles are soothed and passages are cleared. Moving into the shoulders, upper body and lungs, most of the repair work here involves sweeping pollutants and debris out of each lung off to the edges of the disk where they won’t be coming in contact with the vehicle as it passes through the body. Next comes the heart with its veins which get a full diagnostic workup as the circle sweeps inside and out so that any work needing to be done is completed as the disk moves through each section.

   Continuing down, the stomach is checked as well as all the major organs which are repaired as needed. Livers tend to get the most attention from the work they put in filtering a 21rst century fuel load which is a far richer blend with more additives than earlier models used. The complicated digestive system is swept but attention is also focused on the spine, cartilage and skin as the disk touches each part during this brief description of the process. Finishing up past the hips, legs and reproductive systems, the disk passes completely through the body where it is sent to the center of the Earth to burn away anything that could shorten the lifespan of the vehicle. That completes the process which is only a framework to build upon as more information is collected but it is up to the operator as to how the actual process functions. And, while it is only an exercise in imagination, real effects can be achieved through the healing power of belief. Continued use of this technique will improve over time because repetition turns the process into a mental muscle memory. The mind can be made to believe anything including the fact that it has the capability to rebuild itself from the cells up with the proper instructions and belief that they will do what they have been programmed to do. The human body also has the capability to do things completely out of anyone’s ability to fix though that is what also comes when you own one of the finest vehicles for the human soul ever built on this planet. 

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra