Letter From The Editors
For August of 2018

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(Part two of two)

   While life can be the easiest thing in the world most of the time with the right mindset, thatís not always the case all of the time for a lot of people. It isnít that life is so hard, itís that death is so damn easy and thus it is that recent events referenced in last monthís editorial bring us back to death or better yet, the transition of the death process. The ceasing of lifeís functions affects only the physical form but not the spiritual form or what most people can relate to, the soul. This month we shine a light on the mystery of moving on to the waiting period and share a short ceremony to help a soul pass there if needed. As we learned last month, a soul can stay around after death even though guides are assisting the soul of the deceased during this time. In most cases, the moving on to the waiting period can happen quickly but if a person feels important things still need to be wrapped up, a delay can take place while the soul follows deathís progress of the physical body. Sometimes after a person has died in a traumatic episode, help can be given from this side to shepherd a soul to the light should there be a feeling of confusion from the departed spirit. Karra taught me a short, five-breath ceremony to release the soul of someone for whom you have great emotion or just want to help when hearing of some tragedy in the world.

   The instruction took place at the funeral of a friend who had died suddenly through an accident of no fault of their own. I was absorbed in the music my friend had chosen to be played after the ceremony was over and I felt a presence of my friend watching the proceedings from somewhere in the room. As the music came to an end, Karra walked me through a visualization of taking a breath and focusing in on the individual or individuals. Imagine a beam of light coming down from above and spreading out over the area around where you believe the person or persons to be. Project the thought that the light is a path on to the waiting period if such a bridge is desired by the deceased. On the second breath, visualize the soul or souls saying goodbye through links the beam sends out to those left behind. On the third breath, those goodbyes are returned and they ascend up the beam free of those associations. On the fourth breath, see all connections still left that may hold up a personís journey fall away and now it is a soul ready to move on thatís gaining speed. For me at the time I saw Sananda ready to receive the soul and merely released the beam as my friend followed its path. In my head I saw them leaving happily and felt a corresponding release of my own knowing that my friend was in the best of hands.

   Imagine a ride on a train and you have a perfect example of the student in each of us going from station to station with each station just another stop at another school or life until our graduation to a higher degree of learning. Along the way are other students with whom you form study groups and friendships to help get you through the lessons without having to keep repeating them. The continual stops turn into a blur and almost a distraction so all that is focused on is the station and school of the moment. The state of death is the time between stations when preparations for the next set of lessons takes place and conductors in the form of guides are along for the ride to help with your preparations. This time of waiting for the next station is a crucial part of the trip so great care is taken to meet up with the fellow students you can expect to study with at the next school. Plans made to meet will have the best chance of coming together because each of you will want the best chance for growth. Lacking any sensations of a physical nature, the drive to get to the next life and stay alive for as long as possible to experience as much as possible is a strong incentive to plan well. The unwritten rule of the train is that it stops where you need to be and youíre always on time.

    I know a number of the stations where I have disembarked and in each I was there to fulfill certain lessons before I could continue to the next station. This station in the journey is by far my favorite of those I know of for the opportunities to meet the teachers I have had the honor of learning from and the freedom to be able to pass on their teachings. To witness the birth of the internet, Facebook and most importantly, podcasts, to watch the growth of the power of words to change the world socially, morally and spiritually. No matter who you are, this is an incarnation that has been long in the planning to take advantage of all the information ready to be accessed at the click of a button. So what is the next step?  For me it was the reminder I will be a higher dimensional being in a life long after this one and it is only a matter of believing I am already there. After that, it just takes acting in a way that emulates those of a higher dimension along with their mental abilities. I have the advantage of a higher dimensional guide in the form of my co-editor in my head so I can just follow her example and advice but for everyone else there is both this website and hundreds of others where higher dimensional beings are helping as much as possible make this the last train station before moving on to join them in earning a postgraduate degree.

In love and light as one.

Russ and Karra