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Archivist note: The following was written in 1997 and an update comes after)


The Hades Base News got it's start in the summer of 1988. That's when I was introduced to Omal and Korton. I was living in Sedona Arizona and was looking for something to fulfill a need to learn more about my world. A friend had suggested we attend a weekly channeling session that was being held near by. Not knowing the first thing about channeling, my curiosity was aroused. Upon arriving, we sat near the back to be inconspicuous but did not really need to as everyone there was very friendly.

A gentleman came and sat in the front of the room facing all of us and introduced himself as Roger Pinion. He then explained what channeling was and who the entities he would be channeling were. He then proceeded to go into a trance and was transformed into a person who was definitely not Roger. He had a commanding presence and spoke with authority. He said he was Korton and he was in charge of communications for Ashtar Command, a united body of multi-dimensional entities who worked together to teach and enlighten themselves and others like ourselves. After a while Omal came in and was a lighter yet very knowledgeable person who shared his wisdom with the group. He explained that he was commander of Hades Base and while most of the people there were familiar with him, he explained it for the rest of us. At one point he went around the room and answered questions from the individuals. When he came to me, I had nothing to ask but he looked deep at me and told me I was a communicator. He then moved on. To say the least I was amazed. I left wanting to know more.

Over the next few months I got to know Roger quite well and through him, Omal. One day Roger announced he was leaving for New Zealand to live and teach. I was quite disappointed that we could no longer continue our lessons. I used what I had learned in my daily life and moved here to Lake Tahoe California. I was here for almost five years before I met Mark but the lessons I had learned in Sedona were still with me even then. He and I moved in a house I had bought due to our similar natures. He confided in me his ability to astral travel and I explained about Sedona, Omal and Hades Base. He agreed to look into whether he could find the base.

Mark's astral ability is quite well defined after years of practice. His being capable of completely leaving his body except for the thinnest connection made the difference from the many times I had attempted the same thing. Upon leaving his body during the first test phase of our search he came across a UFO which was directly over our house. Instinctively he decided to follow it back to it's base which of course took him to Mars and across the dimensional gap he had to cross to arrive at it's destination. Once there, he met Tia who was there to greet him. Being a twin soul to him, she knew when he would be arriving. From there things began to move fast. Shortly thereafter he was introduced to Kiri and the two girls form the base and mark found that they were actually triple souls, a rare occurrence but a joyful one at that.

He then helped my astral travel ability and found getting the base much easier then ever and though not as good as Mark, I was excited over the prospect. It was then I was introduced to Karra, Kiri's sister. I knew from the first second I laid eyes on her I was looking at myself and indeed I was. Here was my twin soul and I found a completeness I had hungered for all my life.

During this time we had found that when Mark was out of his body, Tia, Kiri or my old friend Omal who had made himself known to our group immediately our arrival, could use Mark's body with his permission to channel and answer questions as I was so familiar with. Now we began weekly channeling sessions that have kept on over the last four years until my work on the internet gave me the idea to begin a page dedicated to what we had learned and to pass it on to others who would again, pass it on to others. You read now the result, The Hades Base News, a tribute to those beings who go out of their way to assist us. And in doing so, assist you so that in the end we will all have access to information that not only we will grow from, but our children's, children's children.

The update as of 2013.

Mark moved away from the area back in 2000 and the channeling sessions ended at that time. With over 300 digitized tapes in the archives, Karra and myself now bring back the sounds of those sessions thanks to the ability to post podcasts from those happy times. Words hold the same power to teach from the wisdom higher dimensional beings can impart as they did back then. Now we will be bringing monthly podcasts and transcripts with notes to clarify certain sections where visual clues or background information are needed.

A common theme that always finds its way into the sessions you will hear is timing. The timing that brought you here is the same timing that brings the knowledge back now. We hope you enjoy the fun and comradely spirit that permeated those 90 minutes spent every Friday. In one session, Ashtar mentioned the grand plan that was going forward when asked about Sananda's time here as Jesus Christ. A good plan requires a meticulous planning and teamwork to succeed with a grand plan needing so much more. Whatever part each us fits into that plan is a perfect fit and those of the sixth dimension and higher are helping to glue all the pieces together into a unified whole.

In love and light,

Russ & Karra.

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