Huna (pronounced whoo-na); HELLO THERE. (yes, that loud…ed). Oh…not so loud eh? OK, you can help me with a translation. Huna is my stage name but it translates to a little rabbit. What would you call that down there.
Russ; Well met, we call that a bunny.
Huna; That is my stage name in your language.
R; Interesting. If I could make an observation at this point……
Huna; Yes.
R; Huna in Hawaiian which is another language spoken down here stands for a very psychic skill or a psychically minded person.
Huna; It means where I come from, little long eared animal. Rabbits are perceived as spiritual. They have to be clever, they have to create within themselves rapidly, they have to listen hard, and they control their underworld environment.
R; As I understand it you are almost a celebrity on Sirius? (She is an entertainer, similar to an exotic dancer down here…..ed)
Huna; Uh Hmm. I sent a gift for you and Karra to watch.
R; One of your holos? (hologram recording)
Huna; Yes, one of my holos. Question. What is word for someone like me?
R; Entertainer.
Huna; No, someone who enjoys lots of partners?
R; Oh……promiscuous?
Huna; That means lots of partners?
R; That’s right.
Huna; Is it common on your Earth?
R; No, it’s not very common. It happens quite a bit but well………
Huna; Is it a question of morals?
R; Yes.
Huna; Explain.
R; Morally it is looked down upon and yet it is accepted as a common fact. Sort of like a contradiction.
Huna; But to give pleasure is good, to  share is good, to bring happiness is good. All these things are looked upon as not good, why?
R; A lot of it is based on religion and the way we were brought up taught us that it was wrong and that you should stay with one mate instead of many mates.
Huna; So, a moral issue. When I start college I study healing, pleasure, nervous senses and religion. A gift of pleasure and sharing is all good. I don’t understand your Earth morals. Anyway, I’ll study this in college and try to understand for the next time we meet.

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