Russ; Hi Huna.
Bunny; Please, Bunny!! God I hate it when people call me Huna. (said laughingly) Only my mother calls me Huna.
R; (laughing) Well Bunny, this is Skip, I donít know if you two have ever met.
Bunny; Nope, never met you before.
Skip; Nope, never have.
R; And this is Laura.
Bunny; Laura, hey.
Laura; Hi Bunny. What do you do on the base?
Bunny; Iím a student. I am studying healing and probing.
R; This is Treebeardís great, great and so on Grandniece. How school doing? (she studies on Sirius)
Bunny; Itís going well and Iím having a blast.
R; Enjoying your vacation?
Bunny; Yep, Iíve really been enjoying myself.
Skip; Are you on Spring Break?
Bunny; Huh?
R; Itís an Earth custom.
Bunny; I take a break whenever I want to. I tale four months off a year. Most of it I spend at home, I go fishing, I go swimming, I go boating and I have a lot of fun. The best way to describe me is that I am a student of life.
R; Quick question for you, your ability to probe and you ability to heal, the two used in conjunction must be a great asset for you?
Bunny; Thatís what led me to my little dilemma. I had a circuitry problem in my head. Two individuals that had an animosity to each other and it was necessary to look at why they had an animosity, get to the root cause and then get them to work on the healing. Whilst working on the healing it involved me interacting on a very defenceless ability where I experienced what they experienced, both of them. What basically happened is that I rewrote the mental program in my head and I got locked in the loop of one of the people who has an enjoyment of pain. So I got in a negative feedback loop of a sexual orientation. Pleasure and pain got interchangeable and they started to corrupt each other. In other words I need more pain to get more pleasure. It got worse and I finally went to what you would call my dean. We sat down and looked at it and we worked out a healing process for it and it was basically enjoy as much of both as possible but be aware that they are both overriding and it got to a point that it was overriding. At the end I went through hell for about a twenty eight day period of escalating and escalating and it got to a point that I finally just collapsed and that was when the healing could start. It had to be burnt out of my system and now I understand both emotions and both feelings.
Skip; It sounds like you became an empath?
Bunny; I am an empathic. I feel the emotions so that I can heal, it is part of the healing side of me. The probing side of me is something that is my other gift.
R; We have a saying down here, ďwhatever doesnít kill you makes you strongerĒ.
Bunny; It almost did kill me, it was basically overkill to a point where for the last five days of it I went without sleep.
R; Now Treebeard was discussing the probing processÖ..
Bunny; Yes I know and that in itself is pretty basic and simple. So what is an anvil? Oh, itís one of those. But whoís the guy with the leather apron and the mallet thingy?
Skip; A blacksmith?
Bunny; Well the picture I got was this big muscular guy that needed to take a bath pounding with sparks flying all overÖ.OK, who thought of that? It was just floating around. With all these thoughts floating around it does get a little confusing since I am in probe mode.
R; Now Treebeard called them waveforms, is that how you see them?
Bunny; Well to perceive and see them is coming with experience and learning, it is something that you have to be patient in recognising. God, listen to me, I sound like my great uncle thatís sitting next to me getting a good chuckle out of things. Itís good to see him. Skip, he is a about seven eighty something..(answering an unspoken question about his age) Thatís all he says is that he is seven eighty something, even by our standards that is getting up in years.
Skip; It seems to be that what is happening to your race is the same thing that is happening to ours. The younger people are getting educated quicker.
Bunny; Actually we learn as a race at a far, far higher rate. From what Iíve looked at and analysed, my educational level is that of one of your high dons or professors at one of your educational facilities. That for us is basic education. There is also the fact that we train at a very early age for psychic skills. Take for example my older sister, our family has a genetic potential. We have all the abilities throughout the family and it was thought that by running an experiment we could distil it so it would be higher and to a certain extent yes, but we have never achieved that one that we have been looking for which is a super operant. We have sub-super operants which are the level below and in actual fact, my elder sister has developed some unstable characteristics is the closest that we have ever come. Unfortunately her mental instability is part of the problem with her. She has all of her gifts, all five of the main abilities but the one that would make her a super operant is totally feeding back upon itself and causing some major problems. I myself am just a typical sub-super operant apart from the fact that I know who I am, what I was, where Iíve been and where Iím going.
R; Are you going to the ski races this year?
Bunny; Actually it clashes with the Festival of the Fish.
R; Oh, are you going to catch a fish?
Bunny; Yeah, I want to actually succeed this year so Iím going to have another bash at it. 
R; For explanation sakes, Bunny is from a family that lives by the ocean and one of the things that signifies the women of the family reaching adult status is catching a fish by hand that is jumping up the falls of a nearby river. The thing is that the fish are actually six feet long.
Bunny; Well the event has actually become an archaic tradition. Itís not as important any more but it still is seen as something thatÖÖÖÖ.(tape ends)
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