Daniel; Greetings and felicitations Russ, and how are you functioning?
Russ; Quite well, very relaxed.
Daniel; Good. Ok, let me get down to business and say that I am an eighth dimensional being inhabiting a sixth dimensional body for it is a learning process for me. Something that I had forgotten that it is necessary to understand to facilitate my growth. Having an esteemed colleague like Ashtar being able to visit and discuss certain key important matters that need to be discussed and the interaction within the planned stages of this upcoming and most auspicious moment in your planet's history where the possibilities are infinite. No longer are they confined by roles necessarily acted out by actors upon your stage of existence, whether or not they are Reptoids, Peladians, Sirians and Zetas, it is necessary for all parties to come together in a discussion that is necessary before the growth. Not only on your planet, but of all parties involved. The progression and changes that occur with the interactions of individuals ripple not only through a small sector of your space, but through a whole entire continuum. To understand the progression that is to occur and the play acting that has been happening, are all intertwined in this existence. I have chosen to limit my involvement in the events to a thousand of your years or thereabouts. So that this way I can monitor and modulate and understand and be able to aid in the next important key events that will happen after my departure from a sixth dimensional being. Speak, you have a question.
R; Being an eighth dimensional being inhabiting a sixth dimensional body, do you forsee already those actions that you will be taking or is this off the cuff so to speak?
Daniel; No, they are planned. Everything I have done has been planned to a point that will become self evident in a little while. More I cannot say.
R; Why make the transition to a lower dimension?
Daniel; It is necessary, as Ashtar will tell you and so will Sananda, that we have to act out these roles to remember, to refresh. And my esteemed colleague Omal is debating upon those lines with himself. It is a choice that we make willingly ourselves. It is no longer for the emotion and the gratification, it is something to refresh. Much as you will pick up an old paper bound book and read something you have not read in a while, it is a refreshing process. So for you to read one of your books is much like me living this role for a thousand years. I will do everything in utmost to maintain and relearn what I have forgotten. You see, when my esteemed colleague Sananda made the choice to become a third dimensional being, it was not only to pass on information and knowledge, much as I do now, but also to relearn and enjoy the experiences of a third dimensional being. Much as I choose the same as a sixth dimensional being. And, in doing so and having full capabilities, and being able to in return for what I am doing, giving a family an ultimate gift. Something that it has never been able to achieve, a return gift. Something that is not only an honor bound duty from me, an obligation that was made long ago to not only the Tanaka family but the Tenuvial family. My twin soul, who has the neurological problem of being a sub super-operant and all the unfortunate eventualities that go with that. It is my gift to fulfill an oath. So you could say tonight's discussion on topics is on fulfilling oaths and to set up new oaths. Lord Tanaka talked of fulfilling an oath of a sixth dimensional sister world to your third dimensional sister world. I fulfill an oath as an eighth dimensional being to a sixth dimensional, and at the time that the oath was made, to a third dimensional family. To the Tanaka family I give them the gift of my genes, to the Tenuvial family, I also give them the gift of my genes. And, in the offspring that will eventually and hopefully procreated through the planning, will give a link back to a third dimensional, sixth dimensional being. Now, do you have a question?
R; No, I'm just honored to have you here tonight to share your knowledge with us this evening.
Daniel; You're welcome. Now I must depart. A fond farewell Russ.

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