Daniel; Greetings, felicitations and welcome. It is my pleasure and honor to be able to communicate with everybody in a method that is beneficial to all. Let me address a few key issues that I feel is necessary to be able to communicate in a method as clearly and precise as possible. It is necessary to again intervene at this time with the agreed benefits of Ashtar-Athena, my esteemed colleague Monka and my esteemed colleague Ashtar. It is appropriate for me to say that challenge needs to be leveled and sent to the appropriate sources so that they can communicate more readily and speed up the process for this spiritual enlightenment and growth. We are also looking into appropriate areas for releasing information to other groups to be able to release to their groups that they channel to. In doing so this should speed up the process and communications should start to flow. You group and location is not the only location that is participating in the growth and communication. Other groups are working on this process so that the speed up can happen. You may start to receive interesting communiqués from other sources through your internet medium. It is my feeling and the agreement of my esteemed colleagues that it is necessary to prod gently for the appropriate response. In the spiritual level and release of information in other channeling groups, they are aware that they should respond to other groups. However, they are not aware of who those groups are. This will start to happen soon, as they will start to do location searches as I think you call them. The process will start to happen due to the fact that they will be aware that they should ride (surf) your internet to find other groups working on the debate and the planning for these discussions. It is also necessary to point out that there are still negative factions out there which will try to disrupt. They are being dealt with in a way that is non-harmful and will keep them entertained in their pursuit. Ok, do we have any questions?
Russ; Ashtar-Athena mentioned being clear of heart with no distractions. Would those distractions she mentioned include the current defcon warnings or work?
Daniel; Ashtar-Athena says that there are necessary things that are outside of those specifications of no distractions. Normally facilitating in existence or survival. Now I must be off and I’m sorry I don’t have any more time for more questions but this is an unusually busy night. Farewell.
R; Good night Daniel.
Skip; Take care.

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