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For December of 2018

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In Three Parts- #3-
The House That Sarra Built.

(To recap from last month's editorial, members of the Galactic Federation such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians, and Sirians have long histories of their races that recount their timelines which led them to be the enlightened beings they are. We now would like to present the third and final part of the history of one of those races, the Sirians. The Sirian Chronicles began long after Sirius was already a highly technological society so we don't know what happened prior to that but we do know what was recorded from there. An evil lord had forced a tribe to increase the power of their minds to overcome him but they felt guilty for what they had done once he had been defeated. They died as one to save the future and so a pyramid was built in their honor which became self-aware after the capstone was laid. It was key in helping the 144,000 who followed a powerful young woman named Sarra to gain access to the pyramid after the sun of Sirius drove people back to the continent of the pyramid as it went through a new phase that would eventually make the planet unlivable. After 1444,000 people had passed through its door, the pyramid closed the door leaving those outside to die with the planet while inside, the followers of Sarra were healed in body and mind. Upon waking, the people learned they were on a new dimension, a higher one. The son Sarra had would be the first to come after none had been born for a long time marking a change in the evolution of the race. The families grew mighty and one day another evil lord arose but died before he could do any real harm due to his own mind killing him itself. The Chronicles went on from there to the near ending of one of the great houses of Sirius but part three returns us to before the ascension when the migrations started and the house of Tanaka got its beginning. With that, we now conclude the Sirian Chronicles.) 

  The stage has been set with the first two editorials over the last two months and so we step into the Sirian Chronicles from farther back from where we left it last. We now enter to before the ascension when the planet was still third dimensional and in the midst of the mass migrations to the sister planets of Sirius due to the planet's sun going through a change where the level of radiation was on the increase. It would be a few thousand years before the effects of the increase would be seen genetically but the writing was on the wall. One of those sister planets was Earth and the migration there was to the continent of Atlantis where a colony had been established. One of the great houses of Sirius had split up and three brothers who had been born off-world faced a decision, migrate to Earth or return to Sirius. Two brothers choose Earth and one son returned on a shuttle to Sirius where he started a family high in the mountains away from the population centers. He had noticed the changes taking place over the years and wanted to raise his offspring far from the strife and trouble. His soulmate who had moved to the high country with him gave birth to a daughter we know from the Sirian Chronicles as the first Sarra. Her special abilities were recognized early on and she gained a great number of followers. From her, the House of Sarra came to be but we move on to after the ascension when the great houses and families had come together to work in union and cooperation settling the land. Each had become mighty and powerful and the mightiest of them all, the House of Sarra had also become the most corrupt. They had remained high up in the mountains and become isolated from the rest of the families due to the aura of Sarra. All things must pass and now we come to the point in the Chronicles that tells of Sarra's going on to the time of waiting.

     The House of Sarra had by this time grown to close to fifteen thousand strong. Sarra's children coveted the power that came from being in the house of she who was the first to walk out of the Great Pyramid of Sirius. Sarra herself had changed very little since that time and her son who had descended from its capstone in part two had also stayed very much the same. Previously isolated by her family, she had finally became aware of the problems within it and her son, often gone seeking enlightenment had become weak during his quest. He was not around to see his mother's physical condition rapidly deteriorate but as it got closer to the end she said to those around her bed, "it is now my time to depart, take me home to where I first walked and from there take me on high." To those of power like Sarra, the capstone was still able to be entered so she went inside to lay down for the last time. Before she did, she projected an image of her head above the pyramid and said, "
when it is time, I shall return, then union will be complete. I promise this to you." After that, she sealed herself within and made it so none could enter though many tried. Years passed and her son returned, not hearing until now his mother had sealed herself within the capstone. He climbed up and went within to find his mother old and shriveled. She said she had been waiting for him to tell him of her concerns for the family. She told him that the family had become corrupt and mighty to a point where she was worried it had become an echo from the past, referring to Tonar the Corrupt. As she closed her eyes for the last time to go into the sleep, her son reached out to her with his mind and from her, he heard mentally that she would return to a non-native line and to beware of what was to come. By then the moon had passed through many phases though it was bright daylight when he finally emerged to tell the families she had gone to the sleep. He also revealed her prophecy but held back her warning which has been a source of debate since then on whether he was right or wrong to do so.

   Time passed and eventually so did he to the land of waiting to join his mother. The family by this point had grown strong and mighty and from within it arose a man powerful in the gifts, having three of the five. He sought himself a maiden to bear his children and carry on the proud name of his house and felt he had found her at last. They were to be bonded so he had gone out hiking in the high country looking to take flowers home to her. While walking on that winter's day he came upon a set of rocks and sunning herself on top of them was a young maiden in all her glory. He walked up and saw she was the image of Sarra, beautiful, intelligent and so he asked what was her name. 
She said her name was Teela and Teela, in the language of the hills means shy but she was not. She was strong in coercion and the young man found he could not get close to the rocks so he just asked questions, of which very few were answered. Finally, as the sun was beginning to set, she asked him to climb up and sit on the rocks next to her. Try as hard as he might, he could not get onto the rocks. He circled all around and was baffled on how she had managed to get to such a precarious place. Determined to reach her, he tried climbing again until suddenly he fell and as he fell he landed right next to her.  She laughed and chuckled and said, "tricks of the mind are games to play". They talked until it got cold and she said it was time to go home. She climbed down but he could not find the same path and became stuck.  She laughed and chuckled and said, "you got up there, you can get down the same way." With trepidation, he threw himself off the rock and stood up next to her. "Odd things around this young lady," he thought. He walked her home vowing to come back and make her his chosen. He returned the next day bringing gifts but she would not accept any of them. She would look at the items of wealth and beauty to say they were nice but she could not accept them. He spent his fortune and the power of his house until it was eventually drained away over the decades and he became as poor as she was. One day they were walking along a mountain path high up overlooking a valley and next to them were some beautiful flowers. Though she had never accepted any gifts from him before, he reached down, picked up a rare flower and said, "here my love, for you". She smiled and his heart said she would never accept but she took the flower and stuck it in her hair. It was then that they kissed for the first time as they stood upon that rocky outcrop overlooking the land and she said, "this is my home, this is where I belong"

Sirius has come a long way since then and the couple? They choose a name for their new family which is Tanaka, meaning highlands in Sirian and they built a house on that spot which has grown with each new generation into the magnificent structure it is today. The current owner is the president of Sirius and father to both Kiri and Karra. We have learned from him that in a distant past life he was also the father of the three brothers who left during the great migration where one returned to become the father of the original Sarra with the other two going on to Earth. The planet he is president of has become one of the major lights of the galaxy through helping other sister worlds like ours not yet ascended reach their potential by being an example of what is possible as a goal. Their world operates free of money, wars, judicial systems or bias. Their economy is based on barter and karma, need versus want with responsibility a major part of that. All are telepathic, have access to their past lives and most everyone has at least one psychic skill. They have a system of government that has fairly guided the planet for over a hundred thousand years, they have a lifespan of almost nine hundred years and use that time in a pursuit of knowledge, serving others, all while enjoying the life they lead. To that point, Sirius is fulfilling an oath made long ago to assist our world in its growth and as a result, a majority of the personnel from Sirius are assigned to Hades Base while maintaining a role of non-interference. Over the last few months, the Sirian Chronicles have given us a rare look into the history of another planet along with some of its failures and successes. What effect if any have they had on this world? Well at the end of the Chronicles, Kiri reveals that the two brothers of the three that went on to Earth during the migrations were both the channeler for the Hades Base News, Mark Crocker and your humble archivist writing this with the help of Karra along with her sister Kiri. The channeling sessions posted monthly are just one part of a continuing saga of the Chronicles that never end and has no real beginning. The goal of ascension still burns strong from all the way back then and today's technology has brought that possibility closer than ever. We hope that by sharing what we can, together we will evolve to the point we join the other races in the galaxy in a brotherhood of light.
(Karra and myself would like to thank her sister Kiri for her help getting the Chronicles into three editorials. if you
would like to read the exact wording in Kiriís own words from the July 2013 podcast, here is a direct link:)


In love, light, and wisdom as one.

Russ and Karra