Letter From The Editors

For December of 2020

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   In this fifth and final ascension journal, it is only natural that the subject of death is covered, cremated, or handled in whatever manner is best deemed appropriate. Itís the moment from death to the life that comes next is what we focus on in this last journal based on the accumulated channeling sessions from the members of Ashtar Command on Hades Base. Whether by providence or destiny, we witnessed vicariously throughout multiple entries in the archives of the Hades Base News the final days and death of a third dimensional human rescued after being abducted by the Greys. Her name was Sarah and she was a young woman in her twenties making her way through life, as she said, as a drug user with little of that life to speak of prior to her abduction. Once abducted, too many experiments had been run on her before her rescue to let her be returned to Earth and she had to be brought to the base to try to reverse what had been done. Back in the nineties, she was one of a few from our planet who had been rescued and were now on a higher dimension but none could call their existence a good thing at the time. Her life experiences affect me to this day and Iím deeply in her debt for her gift as she called it of what she went through. I only met her twice when I was visiting the base in my astral form. Once, when Karra pointed her out to me when she was still just a healer and Sarah was one of her patients. The Sarah I saw then was shuffling down a hall very slowly with her head down and face covered by hair that hung down past her chin. The second time was when I stopped in as Karra was examining her and I briefly held her hand in reassurance as I could tell she was in great pain. It was decided soon afterward that she should be transferred to a monastery high in the mountains of Sirius where Kiri and Karra's grandmother could help mitigate the pain somewhat throughout her final days until she passed away. Her spirit then followed her body from Sirius back to Hades Base and from there to where she was returned to Earth by some of the base personnel. She was laid to rest near her home here in the United States where from there she went on to the time of waiting and is possibly reincarnated by now.  

   Her story is our story which is but a tiny part of a much bigger story. Another part was filled in by Kiri from the podcast of last October where she explained that forty years would be a long time between lives during a conversation she was having with a former guest of ours named Carrie. We were discussing Carrie's best and dearest friend who had died several years back and was apparently waiting for the right time to be reborn as her daughter. What wasnít covered in that channeling session was that I have had multiple chats with Carrie after that and both her daughter and she agree that must be the case as the daughter has revealed having memories that are not hers. On a personal front, my last life is very familiar to me thanks to Karra and the reasons for my existence are an important part of my ascension process. One of those reasons is my knowledge of taking others back into their past lives for the last forty years. Past life regressions reveal many of the answers to questions on why those participating have the fears, friends, and family they do in their current life plus the cause of conflicts with others. Often two or more lives will be experienced by the person during the regression and a pattern emerges from how they connect in a recognizable path. As the regressionist, I have the person in a semi-conscious state during which I ask what it is they are seeing while they wander the streets of their past. Missing are the sounds and smells taking place, but the images alone bring the surroundings into a fully immersive environment. Occasionally I move the life along several years or even decades to recover vital clues to that life and stop at each important point until the final stop and death takes over. That isn't the end of the story as I ask them to recall important people in that life because those same people are usually in their lives now. The names of the people who figure prominently are easily attainable without a second thought. For my part, I have the privilege of seeing real-life history from the subject's point of view instead of the preconceived images built up from my study of history. They often go away understanding the fears they have are tied to traumas experienced from that life such as drowning or falling from a great height. In most cases, Iíve found that the answers revealed seem like lights in a very dark room helping the person see the path ahead of them from the clues left behind. What I have learned from the many lives replayed from the first-person perspective is that the reincarnation process is like a human rock tumbler. Every century seems to use finer grit to polish each individual into a more beautiful version of themselves.

   The first thing to know about the end of life is that it begins with guides. Guides are the way-showers in that they show the way through life so that a person makes an important rendezvous or a right decision at key points. As we heard from Karra in a recent channeling session, it was her leading me to Mark and with Mark, it was Kiri leading him to our very crucial rendezvous at a ski resort where we both worked here in Lake Tahoe. Kiri has explained that different guides exchange places near the end of a life from those guides who have watched over the person since their life began. Upon death, they switch and help with the transition from the physical to the non-physical since the death experience doesnít end right away as we saw with Sarah. We know the spirit can follow the body throughout each phase while the guides assist with the acceptance of the process needed in many cases. Once there is nothing more to be gained from what happens, the person moves on to the waiting period. This is a time of self-reflection where a person can review their lives up to the most recent and achieve more clarity over their next choices. It is all about continuing a path chosen according to the goals that have been set. We have learned from Kiri that a person during this time can choose to be a guide to others and help them as they were helped. Time not being a factor in the waiting period, a lot can be done in a short amount of time such as planning for the next life as the moment for rebirth gets closer. Parents, race, sex, place of birth and socioeconomic status are decided upon ahead of time. Meetings are arranged with others from the past so all the right pieces fall into place to continue the shared lessons. The miracle of birth brings into being a new reincarnation and so begins once more the circle of life. Everything starts slow, days seeming to take years at first with an accelerator being pushed down after that until the years seem to suddenly take days. The only vital time that really matters is the present second when our entire future is waiting to see what we do next. 

   With Sirians on the next dimension, the process is the same but with a few exceptions. Their life spans of a thousand years mean the time between lives can be longer than those here on our planet and, as we heard in this monthís podcast, Karra was expecting her mother Miranda to be gone for a hundred years. What was surprising is that it turned out the reincarnation of her mother being born on the base happened when the archives were still being recorded. Another exception is their ability to begin remembering their past lives starting at twenty-one. Itís not a total recall of each though it does have the advantage of letting the person draw on necessary lives to resolve a problem or answer a question. On the third dimension, we have workarounds to get a wider angle from which to view lifeís path through the help of those like myself who are able to direct a personís consciousness with the help of those same guides mentioned earlier. Say in a hundred-year period a person lives two or more lives. Each dimension has multiple worlds where a person may find themselves and memories of those previous lives are much of the building blocks in place at the point of conception. Prodigies, psychics, feelings of not being from this planet, a lot is explained with such a cycle of rebirth. After so many questions of why the wheel of life must teach the lessons it does, the spirit turns to the spiritual for answers. The quest for those answers becomes all-consuming until a path is marked clearly and followed prior to a possible new path appearing. Karra marked my path so that I could be where I am posting a channeling session once called, ďA Sirius Look At ReligionĒ. Kiri described her belief system in that session as one where she essentially saw nature as her religion. The rocks, the trees, the air, and a love for everything and everyone. Taking that theological outlook and combining it with our inevitable goal of ascension, I can theorize that if living equals life, life could conceivably equal God. That is the kind of belief system thatís right in my wheelhouse. Returning to the afterlife, there is one rule to dying I expect to fall back when that time comes. It is that no matter the cause, it is the release that matters. Release from all attachments both material and emotional with thanks given for making my path of ascension that much more meaningful.      

In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra