Letter From The Editors

For December of 2023

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Life on the third dimension is a great training ground for life on dimensions higher than that. It's a great place to learn the lessons needed for Ascension to take place. The reason though is paradox in that what needs to be learned is the exact opposite of the experience of the third dimension. There are places that strive for that high ideal of sharing all and caring for all. Those are the communes to be found around the world where a community of individuals have come together for the sole purpose of maintaining that community. They become a family unit that welcomes people looking for an alternative to the dog eat dog world of materialism. What we'd like to discuss in this editorial are the comparisons to be found between higher dimensional Sirius and third dimensional communes.

Reaching their peak in the 60s and 70s, the two to three thousand communes in North America had its roots in the communes of China prior to them. The appeal of communal living all starting and living in them were between 18 and 35. Many had experienced college and dormitories so grouping together made sense economically and socially. The realities of growing your own food and heating your home were made easier through joint labor which allow more time for causes, hobbies or play. Communes sprang up worldwide as the concept attracted wider attention and each differed from the next in ideals and organization. Today, most no longer exists due to a variety of factors such as a food and fuel being more expensive which made living next to nothing far more difficult.

Now take the concept of communal living and apply it on a worldwide basis and that would be life on a higher dimension. While there dimensional life puts the emphasis on the individual and going out into the world to become a success. Spouses, family, and friends are supposed to make that experience easier with the sharing of love for one another but it's still primarily an individual effort. All of this is standard for the third dimension and the 21st century marks the most advanced point in humanity's evolution so far. Many on the planet though are starting to look to what's next in our evolution and how can one use that individuality in one's favor? The answer is the individual research what can do free the restraints that might be placed with limited resources of a commune.

Communes work best when everyone does their part for the good of the community above what is good for the individual. It's that kind of commitment and trust sought by those who establish those early communes and that is what is found on a higher dimension. It's a cashless society where families had the responsibility to focus on an area of production that is specific to them. In something akin to the Hunger Games, one family might be the main supplier of fish or lumber products for the planet. Everyone is raised knowing their part in the functioning of the planet and happily look after their neighbors. The lack of wars, inflation, strife, and any other options guarantee their success. The fact that they're also telepathic operant in psychic skills makes it a community of one mind. That will be our future as well.
In love, light and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra