Letter From The Editors
For February of 2019

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“It started before time. It has continued on ever since”

   It’s rare when we here at the Hades Base News endorse anything or anyone but there are times when something is so needed that we must let others in on a series of books that has long been the favorite of both Karra and myself. These five books have affected our lives as twin souls and brought us together closer than ever before so we’d like to recommend “Atlantean Secrets”, a book series written by Samuel Sagan in 1996. They are a continuing set of stories within stories within stories with the real story the one on how I literally stumbled onto them in the first place. Around 2003, I was browsing a local new age bookshop that had been open a year or so and was the only place in town where anything of an esoteric nature could be found. Among the crystals and tarot card decks on display were a pair of bookshelves lined up in front of the cashier. Not finding anything that promised to hold my interest in the rear bookcases, I was on my way out when a book fell out of the nearest bookshelf in the front right at my feet. Picking up the book, I saw the title was “Atlantean Secrets", with this the first book in the series named “Sleeper Awaken”. Just the fact that the cover had the word Atlantis in it was enough to become intrigued as anything about to reveal its secrets was right in my wheelhouse. Reading the summary on the back of the book convinced me I had to buy the book right then and there so I turned and presented it to the owner of the shop who happened to be manning the counter. Paying for the book, I related the tale of how I came to choose it which led the owner to confirm this indeed must be a special book meant for me to read. How right she was. If the Hades Base Center for Ascension mentioned in last month’s editorial is a companion site to the Hades Base News, “Atlantean Secrets” are the companion books to both being that all three incorporate many of the same ideals, principles, and goals.

   The attempt to condense the contents of the first four books into a single paragraph is a daunting task but it can be explained in one sentence which is at the core of the series, you can be anything, you can do anything. Those first four books encompass the time during the final days of Atlantis from when things were still normal after hundreds of thousands of years until it was no longer in existence except as a legend. In it, a lowly son of a public servant named Orlon, son of Orlon becomes Szar under the tutelage of Gervin, the Grand Master of The Masters of Thunder. The Masters of Thunder were regarded as a legendary order able to do great things and who were thought to have disappeared from the kingdom long ago. He accepts the offered apprenticeship to become a fellow Master of Thunder who went about in the guise of brown-robed monks. The Masters of Thunder were constructing an Archive in a higher dimension where all the knowledge of Atlantis could be held for the future in a safe place once Atlantis was gone. The timeframe involved until the end of the fourth book is inconceivable as it starts from the dawn of creation but at occasions jumps to thousands of years into our future. Everywhere you read, the presences are larger than life. There are the gods looking down with a guiding hand when needed that our hero Szar visits as well as visiting the underworlds which are level after level of beautiful expanses. There, Szar meets the Nagas who could best be described as seventy-foot, God-like beings with the bodies of snakes who play a crucial part in the story. Over all of this are the Flying Dragons, immense clouds of blue consciousness dwelling in spaces far beyond the worlds of the Gods. Arrayed against all these great forces along with mankind are equally great forces of darkness trying to overwhelm everything so that it would be under the control of a dark entity named Ahriman. Besides the threat of the sludge of elemental darkness trying to take down the streams of energy powering most everything on the continent were the Nephilim Giants in the icy mountains to the North and the Renegade Nephilim Hunters farther South with all sides utilizing powerful crystals called soft stones capable of long-range communication, immense devastation and key to the climax
. All these forces collide at once in an incredible ending of sacrifice, upliftment, anticipation through wild battles on many different levels of existence.
    The fifth and last book of the series is called “Bleeding Sun”, a totally different environment with familiar characters scattered throughout the story. The scary part is that this could be our future in an alternate reality very easy to imagine. Humanity has branched out among the stars but a darkness covers most all of the inner worlds. The darkness is caused by the same Ahriman from the first books but now the Earth and many others have become virtualized. Like “The Matrix”, much of humanity lives a virtual life but in that reality, only the worst vices are encouraged and rewarded. One young man, tired of the negativity, begins to refuse the programming and is rescued by someone who the readers have known as one of the Masters of Thunder living in highness. The young man’s name is Bobby and the shock of being brought out of a virtual world by agents of the Masters of Thunder nearly kills him. This is expected though and it’s only after a meeting with a virtual clone of Szar that Bobby chooses to go through the training to become one of a group of warriors the Masters of Thunder had developed called the Knights of the Apocalypse. The Knights trained and flew out of space stations orbiting Mercury called the Philadelphia’s which were threatened to be virtualized by Ahriman along with the hundreds of thousands of free humans still resisting that fate. Flying Scalene space fighters with formidable weaponry, the Knights faced superior odds and little chance of success. Bobby enters training and connects with someone on a space station that used to be one of the Philadelphia stations taken over by Ahriman named Virginia living in a virtual hell from the constant negative programming. A love affair begins through their feelings across space which is the catalyst for Bobby to become Hiram, a former Knight of the Apocalypse from a number of past lives and someone with many hidden talents. He gets some powerful help from the gods looking down on the kingdom, the Masters of Thunder, the Flying Dragons and the Archive which consist of the bulk of knowledge recorded over the entire history of Atlantis kept from being destroyed along with the continent. Hiram faces incredible challenges in the final battle to save free humanity but he has a weapon more powerful than anyone could have imagined in the form of mathematics.
    Sacrifice for a higher good seems to be the theme running through all five books with true love and fierce battles all leading to emotional thrill rides making them hard to put down. So relevant to today was a free humanity living on space stations because, in the past, mankind discovered the wonders of VR goggles which led to advances in virtual reality and augmented reality. After experiencing it myself last year, I found we’re a long way from what is described but it's amazing just how much closer we are than I thought possible from when we first read the books. “Bleeding Sun” shows all the bad along with all the good possible from that same technology with Hiram using it to grow into who he became in the end. Throughout the first four books, our heroes are surrounded by sleepers unaware of anything more than the need to drift along with destiny, doing things over and over as taught by rote until death. In the fifth book, the sleepers all lived in a world of illusion enslaved by technology with no reason to leave. Instead, a higher dimension is a far worthier goal reached through noble and brave deeds requiring a determination to awaken. It was mentioned in the books at a parting that it took just ten million right decisions to make a planned rendezvous in highness where the two souls would meet again. In truth, every decision is the right one since even mistakes are the right decisions for the lessons they teach. Far higher forces are at work than the sleepers of the world can fathom and the awakened ones hold the keys to helping those forces bring that light into this reality as opposed to the dark of the envisioned fictional reality. This is why these books are the favorites of both Karra and myself because we’re living in the worlds Samuel Sagan created, her in a higher dimension on a space station deep underground on Mars and myself here on this planet. We understand therefore the obstacles of dimensions and distance keeping two people apart with only astral travel and a mental link available for communication. The end of the books wrap up but there is still more to go in the story just as happens in real life with nothing to go on but imagination to figure out how humanity is eventually saved. While Ahriman’s plans to invade the Philadelphia’s and virtualize everyone on them were thwarted for the time being, Ahriman remained a threat with even greater forces still left and advancing technology the free humans would have to face in the future. To counter the threat, humanity would have to reach a new stage of evolution to survive and we come right back to our present. The protagonists in the books had the same advantages we have available which is help from entities already ascended. Boundless information is provided from higher dimensional beings online in thousands of places besides just the Hades Base News and it is only the decision to seek it out that which starts the journey. Every time we've read the series, the lines between reality and fiction begin to blur and often it's hard to distinguish one from the other so we'll part with our favorite sentence from the series we practically live by, “with all my mind, with all my heart, I am with you, even when I am far away."

In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra.