Letter From The Editors

For February of 2022

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Communitary, A Planetary Community

   The youngest person alive today may be the oldest person alive when a reality we are about to describe would be hardly more than science fiction. The world would have already gone through whatever combination of calamities which would have forced the world's population to work as one to survive as a species. The possible scenarios break down from the best to the worst so why dwell on the negative? For the purposes of bringing some love, light, as wisdom to the world, we will focus on the world choosing to unite in a way that shares the world's resources towards the betterment of all. Those resources would balance on the five pillars; land, food, water, energy, and knowledge. None of this would be a solely human endeavor. Instead, it would be a partnership that would draw on knowledge and assistance from two advisors, the higher dimensional entities of Ashtar Command and others, but also the nature spirits that share the planet with us. We have two perfect examples to draw inspiration from before finally summing up how they could be combined to create a paradise on Earth.

   The first is Findhorn, or more specifically, the Findhorn Garden and Foundation. Peter Caddy, Eileen Caddy, and Dorothy Maclean had already contact with extraterrestrial beings prior to establishing themselves in what we in America would call a trailer park. The channelings turned to the elemental spirits to help grow vegetables in the unforgiving soil on the shores of Northern Scotland. The advice they were given allowed them to grow produce of unusual size for any area, so much so that they became known for their unusual method of growing. It was never about the garden though, it was about the voices and help they had received that could be the answer to many of the planet's woes. By the late sixties they had attracted enough members to become a community and then a Foundation during the seventies. Several books and websites tell the story of Findhorn with its many different devas and nature spirits to give them advice on fertilizers and growing techniques throughout the years. They were, and still are, an inspiration of how humanity and nature can work as one to heal both the planet and the human race sharing the planet with them.

   The second example is the planet of Sirius and the lives of those who have already ascended to a higher dimension. The archives of the Hades Base News are filled with how they get along without the need for money, government, police or lawyers. If our species had to start over again, this would be the blueprint to follow. Imagine the planet where the people are committed to maintaining the society that they created over hundreds of thousands of years that allows for them a life of peace and harmony where service to others is the currency of exchange. Having a telepathic link and psychic skills go along with that ascended state with the teaching beginning while still in the womb. Technology and nature have been brought into balance so that one actually helps the other and the built-in automatic systems do much of the manual labor. It's a matter of seeing the mistakes that led to the planet going from the third dimension and making the right decisions in a formation of a new planetary community. A world without war, a world without poverty, a world without biases. It's also a world where the people in it have their memories of their past lives so the mistakes made do not have to be made again. That's a powerful incentive when you are finally in a place that it just takes your desire to stay there as the reason to love everything of life. Helping those who haven't reached your dimension becomes a way to show that love beyond those on your dimension.

   We could have that world here in this dimension but, like Sirius, the lessons have to be learned to know what not to do the next time. With the goal being our ascension, having a model where all the right decisions have already been made means we are able to know what to expect and how to begin living that way now. Even with the distractions of politics and pandemics, training for the next dimension happens every second of every day. It starts with service to others beginning with a smile and kind words whenever possible. Your mood reflects onto others and so see your reflection in their smile. That exchange of energies is also part of managing your energies so that they never get too high or too low. The channeling session posted for the month of February at the Hades Base News presents a lesson from Karra on aligning the chakras so they are synchronized in how fast they rotate along with a separate lesson on an advanced negative feedback loop. Together, they can help regulate and increase the body's energy levels. Next, we can begin to open our minds and energies to the presence of nature spirits starting with Crystal devas. Nature spirits can be found among most living things, crystals being no exception. Let them help you discover the music of the crystal realms. It's a good beginning. This communitary to come already exists in the growing group of light workers taking on new challenges and getting to know the beings of light with whom we share this planet. Let's all make some new friends with some very old beings.
In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra