Letter From The Editors

For February of 2024

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Ascension is a product of a paradox. Let us explain. Children are taught at a young age the value of a dollar and that nothing comes for free. Allowances help enforce that fact as well as side jobs for the neighbors. Education follows next where the drive to succeed with good grades provides the chance to go to a good college or at least get a good job out of school. The complexities of the financial responsibilities once out and independent can be daunting with school loans, car loans, home loans, etc. draining away monthly earnings. Having a comfortable life that is free from worry should come with enough money after so many years. Growing old gracefully followed by a peaceful death would be a worthy end for most people. Many lives follow this formula while others follow a different formula called Ascension. The way it goes is in reverse to the above format in that it isn't about the money at that point.

Life is almost like an indoctrination into a secret society everybody belongs to whose tenents are constantly being enforced by multi conglomerate corporations. Then there are the expectations from friends and family to maintain a healthy financial well-being. Deviations from a monetary based lifetime of achievements to those of spiritual achievements are looked at as counterproductive. It's the value of a life that is based on a dollar sign instead of one where consciousness is the currency. The discrepancy in numbers is vast and following a new age path is something done as part of a minority. That minority though is made up of individuals with a plan few know about. It's a cumulative gathering of unaffiliated people setting up for a future where the drive for knowledge will supplant a need to gather wealth.

Those listening or reading this month's channeling session from the members of Ashtar Command, will learn from the head of Hades Base, Omal, about Decension. He reveals that the four people in the room, Mark doing the channeling, two guests, and myself had all been on a higher dimension prior to this current life. Whether it was the last life or one before he doesn't elaborate. What is important is that all four of us were back on the third dimension to learn the lessons needed to return to a higher dimension. The hundred percent of those participating indicates that we are part of a larger number who have also descended from a higher dimension to learn or relearn in an environment rich in lessons. The explosion in online interest in Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation seems to be indicative that this uncoordinated increase in virtual knowledge isn't so uncoordinated.

So the process of Ascension could also be called a returning to what once was while taking along the rest of humanity. The gathering of souls involved in this push to educate the third dimension are assisted by those living on higher dimensions who are willing to help us in the process. As such, the many websites with channelings from those groups on higher dimensions or portals are for those drawn to whichever teaching resonates with their spirit. That far off future where money and power are less relevant due to planetary need will usher in a reversal of self-destructive actions detrimental to the planet. So it may not be just a matter of returning to learn lessons but also returning with a purpose in mind. Leaving a dimension without war, money, or greed, one can't help but to want to help others reach there also. So let's work together and bring along the human race to the next dimension waiting for us if at all possible.
In love, light and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra