Letter From The Editors
For January of 2019

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   In accordance with our mission statement posted in a previous editorial, the staff of the Hades Base News is honored to announce the breaking of virtual ground for the Hades Base Center for Ascension. A domain name has been reserved, a homepage has been designed and templates laid out ready for text. Now all that is left is for the site to be completed once all the channeling sessions posted so far have been sorted through for the lessons contained in each. The goal of ascension is unique to everyone with more ways to reach it than there are websites devoted to the subject and it was recognized early on that the best people to teach about ascension were those who were already ascended. So it is that the Center has been founded for those it is intended to help who feel a connection to the knowledge being shared. Now that we enter our seventh year of posting the channeling sessions online, it was felt enough content had been presented to bring it all together into a cohesive whole and to that end the staff have been going through each of sessions to extract from them the valuable lessons spread out between the casual conversations and personal interactions. We understand that the channeling sessions can meander into subjects of a personal nature or involve interruptions to the lessons being taught but that was the way the channeling sessions unfolded. To make the knowledge gathered easy to understand, what we have done with the Center is present another way to explore the journey to a higher consciousness from the setting of a comfortable group of friends of several dimensions coming together in a serious effort to achieve mutual growth. Throughout this editorial we will go over the curriculum to be explored, the faculty teaching at the Center and finally, explain the layout the visitor is expected to encounter when clicking on the website link to be created.
   The curriculum is to be focused on six courses of study with varying subjects relating to each of those courses divided into individual topics being added to monthly. The six courses have been selected to represent those subjects due to their being repeated over and over throughout the years. They are; The Five Abilities, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Earth History, Sirian Sociology and History, and Meta-concert. The Five Abilities refer to the main psychic skills deemed important throughout the history of Sirius which are healing, manifestation, astral projection, psychokinesis, and coercion. On the higher dimensions, they are prevalent among those already ascended and can be possibly developed on the third dimension as has been documented throughout our history. Some people may find they have a talent for one or two of the skills where they may even learn enough to become operant in them with practice. Science and Technology include both the science and technology of Earth, Sirius and Hades Base though what has been provided is nothing that would affect our growth as a race or be used to change the future. It is merely conversations where technology is brought up or the chat has scientific value. Social Sciences involve geography, political science, philosophy, and psychology and would have been known in the old days as social studies. Earth History also includes channeling sessions where Earth’s future was discussed which tended to happen a lot due to the direction our evolution is heading. Sirian Sociology and History is a study of Sirius as a planet and society where they have found what we would call paradise and with their help, we can do so ourselves if enough people work together to achieve that end. The final subject is Meta-Concert, the study of merging multiple minds and energies together to form a mental concert with a singular goal all in the group have agreed to achieve.
   The faculty of the Center are masters in their fields with each able to explain the teaching they offer in ways that are easy to grasp. The channeling sessions held between 1992 and 2001 provided the lessons that were planned by them in advance which is evident when laid out chronologically on how they form progressive levels of growth. If there could be a faculty president overseeing the planning of the curriculum it would be Omal. He has an overall knowledge of everything and is the ultimate mentor with the patience, wisdom, skills, and experience living at least a hundred thousand years can bring. One of those skills is manifestation and all his classes on the subject are enlightening as is his presence which sets him apart from the rest of the faculty. The two sisters, Karra and Kiri, handle healing and coercion respectively. Karra was promoted to ambassador to Hades Base from Sirius during an early podcast but still focuses much her teaching on healing the mind, body, and spirit based on her lifetime of experience with all three. Her younger sister Kiri provides a duel teaching role as both one of the base engineers and a coercion expert with an exceptional talent for both plus a wicked sense of humor. Our last main member of the faculty is Tia who has a very interesting backstory that led her to be stationed on the base from her third dimensional home planet of Durondedunn. Luckily for us, she was assigned a position as one of the lead data analysts monitoring the happenings on Earth and was able to give us up-to-date discussions on world events that made history during the years they channeled. The rest of the faculty are also higher dimensional members of Ashtar Command who would occasionally share their knowledge with us when they were able. Some of those even included such illustrious luminaries as Ashtar, Korton and Sananda.

   As mentioned, the layout of the classes has been spread between the six different courses covering all the lessons over the years with each presented chronologically based on when they were posted. Under each course heading will be a set of subjects related to those courses along with the multiple topics under each subject. Each topic will have a short synopsis of who the teacher was, who were the guests attending and when the topic was added online. The size of the file is planned for noting the length of time involved in the channeling prior to getting to the text of the lesson. There will be a link to a separate page where that text has been posted as well as a link back to the original text for context if needed. Some of the teaching may have come from two parts of what the teacher said and has been merged together to prioritize the lesson. Finally, a section of the Center has been reserved for what we are calling 'The Path', one of an infinite number of paths towards the advancement of consciousness with this one centered around the teachings. It is a progression through the lessons that have been laid out in a suggested format of study. We have found that some lessons have a priority over other lessons as they could be considered prerequisites for knowing one ahead of the other. In that way, it would be comparable to a syllabus leading to the graduate level of lessons involved with the advanced energy work meta-concerts require. We hope for the virtual campus to be revealed sometime in 2019 though much of the work between now and then will involve editing the channeling excerpts chosen to be included. After the site has been finished and uploaded, it will be free to explore and share as should be true for all education. Our goal is to be a part of the movement of love, light, and wisdom spreading around the planet that points to a real change in the world mind. There is too much potential within humanity to not give it a chance to have it fulfilled and we will do our best to help in those efforts.

In love, light, and wisdom as one.

Russ, Karra and the Staff.