Letter From The Editors

For January of 2024

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Humans have an impressive imagination for creating images which is needed for seeing with your mind's eyes energies instead of colors. The skill has uses other than experimenting with the wonders of the mind. Living things are generators of energy and a sensitivity to that energy can be useful when interacting with others. And when auras can't be seen, the energy they give off can be identified to be able to read a room or the emotions of someone across from you. So much is going on that the eyes can't see that understanding what energies are being generated is a big advantage to knowing the best course of action to take. The funny part is that learning how to see through the mind's eye is one of the easiest skills to master. It starts with a crystal.

We begin by identifying the energy of the crystal you have picked out through getting used to the energy we give off as human beings. Those familiar with feeling crystal energies can skip forward to the next paragraph but, for those who don't, please leave the crystal in front of you for this next part. Now, place your left hand about a foot above your bare right arm and close your eyes. Slowly drop your hand down until you feel the energy of your arm without touching your arm. Open your eyes and see how far above your arm you stopped. It should be about an inch or two above the hairs of your arm. Practice several times to get used to the feel of the body's energy field. Should you have trouble, try switching arms and see if it works better that way.

With a good grasp of the feel of unseen energy, it's time to do the same exercise with the crystal of your choice. Your left hand is your receiving hand so place it about a foot away from the crystal and close your eyes. Now slowly move your hand until you begin to feel the energy field of the crystal and then open your eyes to see how close you are. Close your eyes again and focus on the energy coming out of the crystal. Draw it into your body and let its healing energies uplift and renew your body's energies. Send it through each of the chakras so they get the benefit of the frequencies being felt. Practice with different crystal points and clusters to learn the energies of each. Work with other stones such as amethyst or rose quartz as they have properties different from clear quartz.

You may have already noticed while working with eyes closed some of what we have been talking about. The mind's eye begin to see the hand getting closer to the crystal as the energies start interact. Soon, details of the crystal take shape behind closed eyelids. The more practice one does the more items appear within the field of non-vision. The sensitivity to energies that is developed will be noticed when not working with crystals as well. People's energies are much easier to feel than crystals and so it becomes a useful skill when knowing how best to make the right response. We are luminous beings of energy interacting with other energy beings using our eyes to see but not completely seeing. Recognizing the energy in all things is one of the important steps of ascension.
In love, light and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra