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For July Of 2013

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The Tia Factor

   The story of Tia is a long and complicated one and will be done justice in a future podcast but for now, a shorter version is needed to explain what I call the Tia factor. We learned through the sessions that Tia shared a life with Kiri and Mark in the antediluvian times of Atlantis due to all three being triple souls or in other words, each was the perfect soul completion for the other two. While afterward, Kiri went on to reincarnate on 6th dimensional Sirius, Tia reincarnated on 3rd dimensional Durondedun and Mark stayed on 3rd dimensional earth. Durondedun is a planet where the dominant sentient life form was descended from cats instead of apes which accounts for her pointed ears and ability to speak to the house cats which hung around the channeling room.

   Durondedun is more advanced than earth in both space travel and psychic skills and she told us one time that on the base was the crew of a science vessel that was on an exploration mission from there which experienced a loss of power very far from their home planet. The crew were in cryostatic chambers for a long time until a 6th-dimensional ship patrolling that sector in the 3rd dimension rescued them. Tia herself had came to be stationed on the base at an earlier time than them through an accident called a D-jump. In other words, she tried to astral travel between dimensions and brought her body with her but you can't stop and look at your surroundings while in the fourth dimension. Her consciousness was noticed by a scout ship and was put in cryostasis until that consciousness could be put into a cloned body. She has since blended into her new life working for Omal in the data collection and analysis department and of course reunited with Kiri and Mark. Even being a triple soul to both Mark and Kiri, the odds of her reuniting with them after so long a time were unimaginable. In math, it would be a factor of ten over a very large number.

   Canceling out that large number is what I like to then call the Karra Factor. This comes from the equally impossible odds I faced to reunite with my twin soul Karra. Looking back I can see key points in my timeline where a crucial impulse came when it was least expected but most needed. My decision during a vacation to Sedona to buy a house and leave Los Angeles is a perfect example. Karra's ability to link with my mind made our meeting again inevitable as was the case with Tia, Mark, and Kiri.

   Distance, dimensions, age, race or worlds have no effect on the meeting, souls attract each other like magnets. The only factors in control are the entities involved and time. I could have met up with Karra in Sedona but I was not ready for that meeting and it may not have led to the connection I have with her now. If souls destined to meet have to stay apart, it is to learn the essential lessons needed ahead of time. And though we had not yet come to meet each other prior to Mark and I meeting, her influence helped to make that connection happen at the absolute best time that it could have.

   In any endeavor, goal, dream or desire with impossible odds remember those two factors. Number one, The Tia Factor or "nothing is impossible" and number two, The Karra Factor or "you are not alone". There is a reason we call those higher dimensional beings helping us within our minds guides. Whether waiting to meet that soul mate and/or twin soul, achieving one's dream job, gaining that perfect life or just enlightenment, there is no such thing as impossible odds, just the giving into the belief that anything is impossible.

In love and light,

Russ and Karra.