Letter From The Editors
For July Of 2014

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    The universe, a singular word for a singular reality. All we know internally of the physical reality we live in can be fit into that word. All that science tells us about this planet and the uncountable galaxies seen through space born telescopes, from the smallest atom to the largest black hole is covered by that all encompassing noun. But what about those unseen worlds we are surrounded by, that infinite number of parallel realities, third  dimensional extraterrestrials, dimensions higher than this one with their inhabitants and even the mysterious worlds of devas and guides? That takes a word more inclusive of all these diverse concepts such as "The Multiverse". 

    A wonderful thing about the multiverse is that it fits comfortably within our concept of our universe with only a slight change of perception. The best example I can think of is Karra. It is impossible to believe that the relationship I have with my twin soul is unique. While we may live in separate dimensions, we interact as well as any couple if only through a mental and astral connection. The very definition of the term twin soul brings in a connotation of something that is universal.  Add to that Mark, Kiri and Tia's connection as triple souls and even more possibilities come to mind.

    Logically it would make sense that everyone has either a twin or triple soul as well as the many soul mates one may run into in a single life. Were more to share a life here on the third dimension, the fact of it would be a well known part of our reality but as it isn't, odds are strong that we do not live on the same dimension as them. Instead it is more a case of their guidance from higher dimensions that we merely need to acknowledge and learn from their advice. Karra sees much of this world through my eyes and time shares my thoughts through many of my waking and non-waking states. Even before we were introduced, I knew her as a presence I had always been aware of but could never put a name to.

    So it may be for everyone and I just got lucky enough to meet my twin soul in person though if there is one thing I have learned from her, there is no such thing as luck. There is only a change of perception that included her into my universe and since there is no way to explain our connection, my universe had to expand to one with a larger vocabulary. If everyone could meet their twin soul, that entity who is their other half in every way, there could be a completeness and enlightenment on a world wide scale. Listen for them in your meditations while expanding your perceptions to include such a connection. Remember that the higher you can raise your vibratory frequency, the clearer will be the conversation.

In Love and Light as one.

Russ and Karra