Letter From The Editors
For July of 2017

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Life In Brief

    There is so much more to life than just living because life as well as death are merely different phases of the same collection of conscious energies we call ourselves. Life is a cumulative experience built up over tens of thousands of years and living is a transitional phase that happens during each incarnation. At the end of that incarnation is another phase of life called death as we prepare for our next period of living. This part of our life being lived is a crucial part of the overall goal. In short, we are the protagonists in a cosmic epic that never ends but does evolve. People around the world have noted vibrational changes taking place over the last few years where they feel different in ways they haven’t felt before. It is evolution being passed on from parent to child where each new phase of life ushers in a better prepared person ready to expand consciously. We may only live for about eighty years but compared to the nine hundred years for the average sixth dimensional Sirian, our brief life is a rich and full one without the ability to access all of our past lives as they can saving us the extra burden of regretting mistakes made thousands of years ago or trying to live up to a life far more desirable than the one currently being lived.  

    Souls awaiting this time in Earth’s existence have been incarnating here for decades as the changes start to take place and people begin to act on the new energies, some having never experienced previously photonic energy. What does this mean for the future and the life being lived now? It means the goal of ascension is closer than ever. Atlantis provided a missed opportunity but the souls now taking up that goal again have returned to an Earth familiar in so many ways. To handle the increase of information available several magnitudes more than what was available at the turn of the century requires human evolution to include increased memory and storage capabilities to organize the multitude of streams of information constantly at our fingertips. From a baby monitor to a global satellite system, our entire world is more a part of us now than at any time in our planet’s history, a unifying oneness separated only by a sense of overriding individuality, national pride, religious, racial and sexual differences, social and class inequalities though none of which will have any effect on the individual’s path to ascension itself unless allowed to by the individual.

    That process of ascension is inevitable but only rarely does it happen overnight. It is more like a matter of waves that would better be described as a series of tsunamis when they finally hit. Wave after wave of changes would sweep the planet were the right set of circumstances present which is exactly what is happening at this very moment. What we are seeing is the restless receding of the water from the shoreline and the back flow sucking everything inexorability out to sea. It’s a process that could take hundreds of years or the impending waves could come rushing in and fill up the dark corners of the planet within days. Until then, the pulling back from bigotry and extremism is being caused by those very acts themselves. As the world experiences each new outrage against the peaceful coexistence sought by almost everyone, more people are turned against those acts in shock and disgust. Take world wars, the thought of another one is abhorrent to most as well is the thought of segregation by color. Once completely acceptable for hundreds of years and then suddenly found to be a period of insanity the world went through, a sense of entitlement was replaced with equality for all. As the world gets kinder the waves get closer.

    In looking for the simplest way to sum this up, I turn to a song from the Grateful Dead called “Morning Dew”, a song about the apocalypse and the world ending where there will be no more chances to walk in the morning dew. It ends with the fateful decision to take that first step in the wet grass because really, it doesn’t matter anyway. So it is with life, whether it is a world ending event, a sudden car crash or a long, slow slide into an oblivious death, nothing will prevent our departing this reality into another. It is the acceptance of that fate happening at any moment which allows us to also cast off old misgivings and regrets, lost opportunities and a life one may even feel is already over with the ease of taking off a coat. All one has to remember is that every moment is an opening to start anew without any of what has been left over except happy memories and hard earned lessons. Going from living to death is not to be feared but used as a jumping off point for a new life now. Letting go completely so every moment can be lived in full awareness of how each are gifts to be opened with new eyes filled with a love for the light we all are at the quantum level. So……..

in love and light as one.

Russ and Karra