Letter From The Editors
For July of 2018

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(Part one of two)

(This editorial is dedicated in loving memory to Anthony Bourdain who died last month and my father the month before that.)

   The mystery of death is supposed to be just that, a mystery but what if that mystery was made less so? That is what happened in last month's podcast when we heard about the recent death of Sarah and the life that kept on going after the body itself had ceased to function. So just what is the body? Do we drop it at the end of our journey like a suitcase in the nearest corner? That is exactly what metaphorically happens and though not easily grasped on this dimension, on the higher dimensions it’s just a fact of life, well death. So spoiler alert, this is the editorial where the afterlife gets the curtains drawn away from at least the initial stages of the process in some but not all deaths. To do so means we need to explain the story of Sarah which is very familiar to the readers of the Hades Base News but for those who are just now hearing about her, we’ll tell how a third dimensional, drug using, party girl came to be the central figure involving higher dimensional beings taking her body from their dimension back to her hometown in the third for her burial.   

   Before telling that story though, it’s important to first of all to point out that her story is our story or could be if other circumstances had taken place. To anyone with anything they are unhappy about in their lives, there is absolutely no point in wasting time on that emotion and here is the reason why. We live in a multiverse and anything we are, have, do, think or dream is there for a purpose and that purpose is perfect. If not, something else would be taking place and we would be living in a completely different reality with a different set of lessons. This is not the only third dimensional world and this is not the only dimension we could find ourselves on in our next incarnation. The higher dimensions do not have wars, money, greed, politics or many of those things that help shape our lives from the lessons they provide. If we didn’t need the lessons, we would be on a higher dimension learning far different lessons of a higher nature. For example, the struggle for money or better yet the lack of a struggle, a happiness for life itself. While having a lot of possessions works for a lot of people, often it is the ability to be happy with whatever the universe provides that offers something more important, total and complete satisfaction. Trusting you have enough to accomplish the lessons that need learning and trusting in whatever reality asks of you. That trust also comes with the knowledge you have the power to change that reality as needed through the decisions you make. Applying that philosophy brings changes seen on a spiritual level as a fear of not having enough turns into a faith there will always be more than enough for the moment. Now let us return to the story of Sarah.    

   Sarah was a young woman of third dimensional Earth in her twenties who was abducted, experimented on and subsequently rescued by the pilots of Hades Base from a ship of another third dimensional race leaving the planet with her aboard. The experiments they performed on her had caused more damage than could be fixed so after some time recovering from the experience while on the base, she was transferred to another higher dimensional place of healing high in the mountains on Sirius where she would have peace throughout her pain. There she was tended to until her death by Kiri and Karra’s grandmother and even though the belief is that the last breath is the last of life, that isn’t quite true. Kiri describes the experience better than we can so we’ll just post what she said in last month’s podcast to give the proper context. She describes it thus through some of the various sentences she channeled through Mark we've compacted:

    Kiri: “at the moment she’s not in the waiting period, she is still waiting to be laid to rest. Then she will go to the waiting area which is normal in these circumstances of great trauma that she feels that she hasn’t quite finished and she needs to say goodbye. But she doesn’t want to go too far away from her........her shell which is part of the reason she’s going to be laid to rest where she is so that she can go and say goodbye to everybody and then leave from her shell. She’s waiting and she will accompany us on the final trip and then she will do what she’s got to do, say goodbye to everybody and then she will go to the time of review and waiting for rebirth.”

   The trip being discussed is from Hades Base to an area here on Earth that was her home prior to being abducted and shows us that death is only final for the living. This is not to say that the spirit is stranded, from what has been learned from the channelings is that death is a very organized experience from which we should have no fear. Kiri again says it best from a channeling session posted in December of 2015 when explaining the function of guides in our lives and deaths:

    Kiri: “there are incidences where guides will hand over at the point of departure from one group of guides to another group of guides but a majority of it is as you progress later into life you have guides that are there for the crossover, for the departure.”

   The guides mentioned could be any number of entities who have passed on to the waiting period from friends, family members and others who may have already shared more than one life with the individual. The takeaway from what Kiri said is that we should be more understanding that sometimes a person after death may need to stay near their shell for any trip it may take. Everyone has the the ability to ease the departed's journey so next month we will continue with the second half of this editorial called “Releasing the Soul and Reincarnation.” There, we will continue with what takes place during and after the waiting period when a person prepares for their next life.
In love and light as one.

Russ and Karra