Letter From The Editors

For July of 2022

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At the Crossroads of Parallel Lives

   One of the stranger topics of discussion that ever came up during the channeling sessions that make up the archives of the Hades Base News was on parallel timelines,
parallel lives, parallel dimensions and realities. Just as it seems we would get a handle on what was being explained by the members of Ashtar Command, some new revelation or theory would make us have to rethink the whole thing through again. Head spinning concepts that make total sense on a higher dimension but begin to hurt your head thinking about it on the third dimension. What we want to explore is the possibility of the impossible.

   Just the concept of parallel lives predisposes that parallels never cross. That concept also allows that there is such a thing as parallel lives. How it's been explained from the higher dimensional members of the command in the archives is that events in a person's life can result in an infinite number of realities that split off from that moment and become completely different alternate universes. Each world can differ from just the smallest things from the point of reality closest to this one to totally wild opposite worlds the farther out you go. That the events in their life of a person can be many, alternate universes breaking off in infinite numbers each time can barely be conceived.

   What we want to explore is what would happen should two parallel lives ever happen to meet. Would that possibly explain some of the unexplainable events that go on in a person's life that science has yet to find an answer? Perhaps a life just slightly out of sync with this one happens to cross our own at a time when we're asleep. For us it is part of a very lucid dream that is
not quite forgotten by the morning. Yet later, at some point when it's least expected, that very same part becomes our waking reality. We call it déjà vu but the other us in that other life may just call it Monday.

   It may also explain love at first sight, instant friendships, and sudden dislikes for someone. What if those meetings with those people had happened already and for us the recognition seems natural? Maybe walking into someplace that feels like we've already been there or doing something that we're fairly sure we've already done. Who can say where we go in our dream state? That we're visiting parallel lives is one possibility since visiting ourselves sounds like a fun place to hang out and get to know ourselves. For now it will just have to remain an unproven possibility.

In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra