Letter From The Editors

For July of 2023

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So let's say you are an Ascended Master who has spent a few thousand years gaining knowledge with the wish to enlighten others. You'd like to have an incarnation on the third dimension and share all that you know to help those there achieve what you have learned but there's a catch. Any birth process you go through will remove all the memories and knowledge gained forcing you to have to relearn it all without knowing why ahead of time. It's a daunting task and one that some would say wouldn't be worth the eighty or so years of ignorance of your true nature should you fail to remember who you were before this life. Worse yet, that failure may keep you on the third dimension for several incarnations or more depending on how much has been forgotten. Then again, you didn't spend thousands of years without learning a few things about how to regain that knowledge of dimensions higher than the third.

Choice made, incarnation successful, the process of remembering begins again. With your vast experience on a higher dimension comes an unconscious desire to return and remember why you incarnated on the third in the first place. You're starting with a clean slate and numerous advantages. The spiritual guides you work with through your higher self know the goal and strive to keep you on the path. It's a path that includes teachers appearing at key moments in a life along with parents, friends, and family that have shared lives together as a soul group. Now it's a matter of making the right choices and following a personal code of ethics that doesn't feel forced. Years pass with lessons learned and knowledge shared until at some point at the end of a long and productive life that comes with an ascension when it is over.

Very possibly the life that was led on the third offered no clue of one's prior life before that on a higher dimension. It was just a life that was special in many ways which influenced others to possibly emulate. History is full of many who would fit that description but would have no idea that they were ascended Masters here to help the world. There are other course some confirmed examples such as Jesus or Sananda, Buddha, etc., and then there are some who could potentially be due to their actions throughout their lives. The Dalai Lama seems to live in both places at once while there are grandmasters in the various psychic skills on the verge of ascension once they pass on. There are another group of notables who it seems were just visiting for the purpose of sharing their knowledge or making the world a better place.

The first name that jumps out as a Descended Master is Nikola Tesla. He never seemed a part of this world yet what he left us changed it dramatically. John Lennon comes to mind if only for the song Imagine. He and Paul McCartney would have never thought so themselves but, in retrospect, they deserve the honor of the possibility. We cannot leave out the writers who have changed the planet with their books or series that without them it would be a far different society. Writers such as Richard Bach or Frank Herbert are the personal bias of the two of us for the honor but they aren't the only ones. One could argue as well for Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg for the same reason. Who knows? It may even be the person reading these words or hearing them on YouTube.
In love, light and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra