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For June Of 2013

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Star Wars and the 6th Dimension

(A New Hope)


   A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….. How many times have we seen those words and wondered how long ago and just how far away was it? Then we remind ourselves it is just a movie based on a story that was turned into a script but is that all there is to it? Star Wars, Dr. Who we compared last month, the Battlestar Galactica series, Star Trek and even Men in Black, carry more than just entertainment into our homes, they bring a message.

   Before getting to that message and bring this all to a point, a compendium of the similarities is required between Star Wars and the 6th dimension.

- The first and most obvious is the Wookies. Straight from the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, they are the base engineers and look just like Chewbacca in the movie. They are also mad snowboarders.

- Elements of the Force go hand-in-hand with the inherited psychic skills found within everyone on the 6th dimension in various combinations and strengths. Coercion, PK, telepathy, prescience, all of these are seen among the Jedi Knights and Sith Lords of the first six films. Scientists have also discovered that the amount of atoms making up the whole universe consists of a large percentage of dark matter. They theorize this dark matter is the "Force that binds us all together", here on the 3rd dimension as well as the 6th.

- Space battles, planetary incursions, one species dominating another, all of these have taken place over the millennia and is still what Ashtar Command deals within its efforts to assist 3rd dimensional societies in their ascension efforts as they strive for their next step up the evolutionary ladder.

- City-ships, councils of the wise, technology far and above what we could have imagined before the films came our way, they almost seem commonplace with repeated viewings of the films.

   The concept of all of the above came from a very vivid imagination or a source of information about Ashtar Command. One also can't discount a combination of both, a muse with an inside glimpse of the 6th dimension yet also able to influence dreams and imagination, much like how Karra can wander through my dreams and thoughts at will.

   So what message can be gleaned from the fantasy worlds of space and time portrayed for our enjoyment? One of hope, that is for sure. The 6th dimension and all it stands for is our future looking back to us to make it our now. With Disney Entertainment taking over the franchise and new movies in the works, it's an exciting time to see what the muses have in store for us to enhance our study in the Jedi Academy of the mind.

   A final point can be made as we wrap up the comparisons we have been making over the last couple months. The 6th dimension is all around us, in the movies we watch, the books we read and the websites we visit. The preparation for our eventual transition is taking place, hidden in the mundane but filtered into our consciousness on a constant basis. It is a call on levels too subtle to detect but as we too reach our true potential, our fantasy will finally become our reality through the help of the real Jedi Knights of the galaxy.

May the force be with you, in love and light

Russ & Karra