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For June of 2017

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The Power Grids Of Atlantis

    It was in the summer of 1921 on June 30th when an elderly gentleman out riding his horse in the countryside of the Bredwardine hills of England was graced with a vision. The man was Alfred Watkins and what he beheld was a familiar countryside changed before his eyes into a pattern of glowing lines of energy intersecting churches, stones, wells and sacred sites laid out before him. In an instant he connected what he saw as being a part of a pattern established centuries before by the inhabitants of the land. His theory was that they had built these lines or tracks to facilitate trade and commerce as they traveled from hilltop to hilltop instead of following rivers, valleys and ridges as was usually done. His revelations sparked an interest in what he called Ley lines and it sent thousands of people out into the countryside to determine the truth for themselves. Extremely rational, he dismissed the supernatural theories put forward to explain Ley lines and steadfastly held to the belief that they were no more than primitive roads to get from one key place to another. He did though go on to write three books over the next six years, the most famous of which is "The Old Straight Track". In it he added photographs and diagrams to illustrate what he had discovered and was one of my favorite books early on in my exploration of new age ideas.

    Nearly a hundred years later, humanity has progressed significantly in both science and spirituality. What he saw as mere tracks along the landscape are now known as Telluric currents running under the land and what he thought were carefully laid out paths were actually lines of force felt or discovered by his ancestors who built their sacred sites and structures at places where the lines intersected. Over the centuries churches replaced the sacred sites where the energy felt the best and patterns started to form as more and more construction took place by those even slightly sensitive to the nature of the effects. Archaeologists disregard the theories of Alfred Watkins or that early Britons would have established such tracks and they are right, Telluric currents were already in existence long before the first sacred sites were constructed but how were they used thousands of years before the early Britons? That is one answer we do know thanks to Kiri of Ashtar Command who in a recent channeling session revealed that Telluric force lines were first utilized by the Atlanteans and later by those who escaped the destruction. Science tells us they are natural electrical currents that run over land and sea and even before Alfred Watkins time early telegraph systems were using the currents to charge their batteries as far back as the 1840ís.

    The children of Atlantis are returning and bringing with them their memories of how the earthís energy could be harnessed as it was once before. Free energy supplied by the forces of nature was widely available with the technology they brought with them from a planet far away and would be available to us in our modern age except that energy for free is not in the interest of companies that supply the energy that powers the world. That has always been in line with the path of our progression consciously but it will not be the case forever. Nikola Tesla had a chance to provide the world free energy and jump-start that progression but was stymied in his efforts by those whose fortunes would be threatened with the success of his experiments. We may never know how he was able to produce the results he did in both New York and Colorado with the harnessing of the earthís energy but his stated goal to provide limitless energy for free to the world was a noble one. Now we see a person of our modern times who could be a reincarnation of Nikola Tesla in the form of Elon Musk. One could make an argument that the name he gave his signature automobile achievement would be a dead giveaway but with the recent introduction to the marketplace of his solar roof panels and the built-in energy recovery system that goes with it, the energy grid of the planet could and hopefully will be revolutionized by its widespread application.

    Here in 2017 we know that changes in our planetís magnetic field induce fairly substantial currents into the surface of the earth and these Telluric currents are not actually straight lines of force but circular ones. They are also not nearly as prolific as described by Alfred Watkins. What we donít know is what our world would be like if Nikola Tesla had received the necessary funds to make his dream a reality where by just attaching a metal pole to your house could power everything in it indefinitely for free as was done in Atlantis. That alternate reality will have to stay just that but not forever. The demand is on for energy that is renewable from sources such as the sun, wind and water and that demand is being met in increasing amounts. Whole countries are dedicating themselves to be powered 100% through renewable energy which is a watermark for those of us who have dreamed of a world whose energy needs are met without resorting to coal, oil, or nuclear fuels. Those glowing lines of energy seen by Alfred Watkins back in 1921 may not power the planet for free as was hoped for by Tesla but if it can be done cleanly and cost less with renewable energy, we may yet reverse the destructive effects of global warming with the new mindset emerging worldwide. So on that note, for those about to roof, we at the Hades Base News salute you.

In love and free light as one,

Russ and Karra