Letter From The Editors
For June of 2018

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   There are pivotal points in every life where a person can look back and say, “that moment changed my life”. One such moment happened to me that, without that experience taking place, it’s very doubtful these words would even be written. That story though must be saved for the end because it represents an end, the end of an island nation called Atlantis, the end of a dream and the end of two lives out of many. The dream itself started over eight light years away and well over a hundred thousand years ago when a Sirian colony was being established on Atlantis. Sirius B was in its third dimensional period and going through the beginning changes which would eventually lead to the planet becoming uninhabitable. Conversely, surveys of Earth showed it was a beautiful alternative locked in an ice age which restricted the livable areas to places near the equator. Older colonies had been established from Sirius by then on other planets but Earth was fresh and new, a perfect haven to hopefully advance onto a higher consciousness free from the troubles of the homeworld. Six months later, the colonists arrived and established themselves on the best option available at the time for their needs on an island in a temperate zone. Their advanced sciences made the transition from one planet to the new one a quick process by tapping into the geothermal energies stored underground in the form of magma deep below Atlantis. From there it was a matter of establishing a growing population swelled by ships making the run back and forth to Sirius until those trips ended long before Atlantis met its own end.

   We’ve learned a lot in the channelings from members of Ashtar Command on Hades Base each time Atlantis was the subject though details of the science back then were withheld from us so we could learn it on our own someday. What we did learn was how Atlantis was organized by how the skills of each of the different races determined where on the island they settled. From Korton we learned that those strong in fishing were prominent in the southwest of the island, in the southeast was the capital and where the leadership was mainly based. In the northeast was mostly mining while farming took place in the northwest. Of course, elements of all four were interspersed all over the island and was a major factor in how the survivors of the disaster that doomed Atlantis escaped out to the various places where they did, influencing the areas in which they settled with new ideas and beliefs. Another thing we learned that affected those areas they settled was that the Atlantic current which brings warm water from South to North had more room to move after Atlantis sunk which ended the Ice Age with the increased warming water flowing in the pattern we see today. As the ice receded and the melting waters caused old shorelines to disappear, new shorelines rose with large swaths of land now available for farming. Only the survivors who managed to escape the disaster were proof it ever existed except for in the case of their genes and how the sharing of those would affect our genetic traits today.  
   The eventual goal of the original colonists was ascension no matter how long it took though the quicker the better. That goal was still strong in the survivors as were the psychic gifts they also passed on to the humans who were already in the portions of the Earth they settled. Their legacy lives in our blood as does their goal of ascension. Here is a version of their society based on the clues given. We know in the capital there was the main pyramid and around the island would be centers of healing where empaths and healers would apply their skills. Elsewhere, those strong in psychokinesis would be in mining and construction and the other skills would favor those areas where they were needed. That glimpse into the past could be a glimpse into our future, various races working in a society together where skills of a psychic nature are valued. Our society in our current time is a series of fast-moving changes we witness every day which are technological, social and cultural. Those same challenges were faced back then by the populous of Atlantis and those souls alive today may subconsciously remember familiar similarities with Earth's evolution. Also familiar would be the rivalries that existed in Atlantis as they do today which prevented it from becoming its potential though as we know now there were many thousands of years of lessons to go through first. Atlantis was just a chapter in the book of history that came to such a complete end, even the pages in that book regarding it have been torn out, believers in its very existence are seldom taken seriously and its lessons will be repeated without major changes to how we care for our world and the people on it. We have seen evidence of that kind of destruction lately on the Big Island of Hawaii on a comparatively much smaller scale. Still to this day people believe they are the masters of the forces of nature and yet again nature reminds them their total control of those forces is only an illusion.

   Such was the fate of Atlantis. The problem with using magma as one of your power sources, total control of that source is crucial and any misuse can become terminal when it gets loose without any restraints. As with nuclear power, a point is reached when nothing can stop the meltdown which in this case it literally was, everything was covered by melted rock and sank down to the bottom of the sea. I mentioned previously a pivotal moment in my life and it involved a window of some thirty seconds into the total devastation of the island first-hand. The year was 1984 and I was on a double date with my girlfriend at the time and a female friend of hers from work and her date she had just started seeing. The establishment had a DJ and boasted an incredibly tacky turtle motif on the walls that blended right in with the pop music blasted a bit too loud. After a few drinks and dances, my girlfriend was asked to dance by the date of the other girl so the two of them left us alone to make some small talk while they danced. I learned she shared an interest in all things new age and I found myself deeply interested in learning more about her. She was certainly beautiful and we bonded like siblings in a way I had not done with anyone previously. At one point I asked to see a ring she was wearing for its unusual design so she extended her hand for me to look closer. As our hands touched, the room fell away suddenly and I was no longer in a bar in Los Angeles. Instead, I was on a boat looking at a different version of her with a mast between us and a wind blowing across the both of us coming from our right along with a great heat like a open furnace. Looking right we saw a low mountain vomiting its guts out and swallowing everything in its path as it rushed towards the bay full of boats like ours and exploding upwards at the same time. Just then our hands separated back in the bar which broke the connection leaving us stunned and gasping for breath. We looked at each other and we both started talking at once about what we had just seen. Her description as she related it was a duplicate to mine all the way down to the searing heat and we both knew something very special had just happened which only the two of us would ever fully understand. We both knew without a shadow of a doubt we had been brother and sister in that life trying to escape by sea in time. To make a long story short, I married that girl after we dropped who we were dating and we moved to Sedona Arizona in 1986 after only going there for a weekend visit. It was in Sedona where I first met Omal and Korton through a channel and the rest is the history that has become the Hades Base News. To this day though I’ll never be able to forget the detail of the experience or the sense of loss just before the two of us died on that boat in the heat and waves about to hit us. 

In love and light as one.

Russ and Karra