Letter From The Editors

(Along with our guest editor Alana)
For June of 2020

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   Dolphins have a lot to teach us but understanding the lessons needs common ground between both species. We may in fact have to come up to their level to grasp those lessons as it’s been said they’re possibly the smarter of the two. We know the life of a human from personal experience and we know the lives of many of the humans we share the planet with, good, bad, and somewhere in between. Now we’re going to get to know the lives of some fellow mammals to find we’ve underappreciated what it is they have to teach humanity. Lacking technology, government, money, or wars, they still manage to thrive in all the world’s oceans while coexisting with people. What most do not appreciate about dolphin society is that there is a dolphin society. It’s that society we want to focus on because it represents a real-world analogy that would be helpful in these times. What has this to do with Ashtar Command? There are dolphins on Sirius, there are Sirian dolphins on Hades Base, there are Earth dolphins on Hades Base who agreed to be a part of a study on dolphin ascension. Dolphins are not unique to Earth and may have accompanied those colonists from Sirius when they were settling Atlantis. The third dimensional dolphins of Hades Base have had years of sharing Dolphin Lake with the higher dimensional dolphins of Sirius and hybrids between the pods have occurred. In essence, that is the purpose of the Hades Base News, to be the source where the sharing of information from higher dimensional beings with others working to join them on that dimension can lead to lifestyles that embrace the best qualities of both.

   A dolphin starts life after twelve months in the womb and upon birth swim immediately to the surface to breathe. They nurse from their mothers for about two years before moving on to real food and staying close to her for the next four to eight years. After reaching puberty, they begin looking for a mate during the two times of the year when the mating season arrives and have a calf together generally every one and a half years. That pair will continue to have calves for the average thirty years they may possibly live barring anything that could end their life prematurely. Those who have swum with dolphins or seen them swimming along a boat’s bow know how sociable they can be and that carries on throughout their individual pods of fifteen to forty members. Those pods can be split into smaller groups of male and female pairs, bachelor groups, and nursery groups for the young dolphins. They have learned or are learning how to cooperate and hunt in packs or alone in a variety of ingenious ways. One is to create a bait ball where they surround a school of small fish into a compact ball near the ocean surface. As they get their fill, so do various birds, sharks, and rays. They then let the ball disperse and go on their way. Another is to slap prey with their tail or beat mud in a circle with their tail where the fish inside the circle try to jump over the mud wall making them an easy meal. It’s a dolphin’s sonar that is the main advantage when hunting or doing anything else since it provides the dolphin with such information as something’s size, shape, direction, distance and so much more. Their series of clicks sent out can be powerful enough to affect pregnant women if they are too close as we saw with Alana having to stay out of the water until Miranda was born. A pod of dolphins all working together with every echolocation all focused on a single objective would be an amazing thing to be a part of and something that needs more exploration.

   Dolphin research has progressed quite a bit since naturalists starting cataloging them in the nineteenth century. Scientists studying dolphins have determined that individual dolphins develop a signature whistle uniquely their own they use to identify themselves in a group to other dolphins. With megapods reaching upwards of a thousand individuals, singling just one whistle out of the rest can be important. Even among the few close family and associates of the dolphin, it is crucial to know how to regroup after a hunt or if a mother gets separated from its young. In a large hunting pack, many dolphins will call out their signature whistles as a group to signal other dolphins to join in the hunt. The larger herd is then able to protect its members from sharks and other predators looking to take part in the feeding. Once a group of bait fish is surrounded, one by one, single dolphins swim into the middle to get their fill before joining the circling pack. The coordination required for that kind of social behavior is one example of how dolphins have a lot to teach us about cooperation. We should also reevaluate any preconceptions about them as simple mammals who eat fish and do tricks on command. In their element, dolphins have the advantage of sound traveling up to five times faster than it does in air, and with brains close the same size as humans, they have demonstrated the ability to grasp abstract concepts while in captivity. Forty-seven million years of evolution have led to a species we underestimate at our peril. Civilizations do not need cities to define them, they are defined by the civility of the individuals that make up that civilization.

   Do dolphins fall in love, do they have laws, do dolphins astral travel? There is so much we don’t know about the species such as how do each of the thirty-six varieties of dolphins get along with the other thirty-five? Do they tell stories, do they share jokes? One look at their faces and one would assume the latter. What is it though that makes them the ideal teachers on ascension? They teach by example such as they have no wars, riots, or protests. While they do not have money, they do exchange gifts to their partners and humans who feed them. They do not have police but can be strictly protective of others even not of their race showing a lack of prejudice. Stories of dolphins helping humans and other animals abound to the point of saving those drowning or protecting them from sharks on the hunt. They can organize effortlessly hundreds of minds to a single purpose with an absolute focus on the task at hand. They forgive even when they have no right to and come in peace in almost every encounter with people. If ever there was a race closer to ascension than the human one, dolphins would be the perfect candidate. All of the above describes the kind of world Karra has grown up in as well as life on the base. Even telepathy is a shared trait between Sirians and dolphins, at least it is with the dolphins in Dolphin Lake. That presents the biggest roadblock to most looking to join a higher dimensional civilization, the required sharing of minds once ascension has taken place. For many, such a sharing would mean giving up the privacy of the mind guaranteed by the third dimension. How private is a dolphin’s mind? Who knows but it is certainly free of a wide variety of the stresses faced by modern society. A shared stress has to be climate change, one they also have little ability to do much about and even less in understanding the changes taking place around them. The young of both races face major challenges that will require adaptation to survive and in that pursuit, dolphins will serve as teachers and we shall help their race survive to the best of our abilities. In a perfect, future world, both races will ascend together as enlightened superpods.                 

With love, light, and wisdom as one.

Russ and Karra.