Letter From The Editors

For June of 2022

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The Walmart of Dimensions

   The third dimension has got everything, and then some. Specifically, our planet in this dimension provides every type of experience for those seeking ascension. It would be hard to not find some form of existence that isn't represented right on the planet Earth. Short of an apocalypse, there's quite a bit to be said about all the opportunities that simply cannot be found in the higher dimensions. For example, in Karra's dimension, there is no such thing as poverty to be experienced nor is there bias or persecution. Pollution isn't a problem and you would have to join the Sirian Defense Force who fight in the third dimension to know what war is like. The reason is that you would have to go through everything here on the third dimension to ascend to a higher dimension. You can't be racist if you have experienced all of the races. How could you easily interact with the other races of the galaxy peaceably if you hadn't already had multiple incarnations on other planets as well?

So let's look at what a soul faces prior to an incarnation here on this beautiful world. With all the worlds available to choose from and all the time in the world, it is the lessons found here that make humanity so appealing. Karma can seem to act like gravity when it comes to keeping a soul firmly attached to one planet for life after life. When you think about how souls tend to travel in groups you begin to wonder if those groups travel through various races and countries together. The choices are endless and an analogy that comes to mind would be the movie "Ready Player One". As the movie opens, you're introduced to a world within a world where one is virtual and one is not and you have to choose an avatar to represent yourself in that virtual world.

Now you know what it would be like prior to choosing to incarnate in the third dimension on this planet in particular. The difference is in the waiting period before being born to a mother and father. There is a megamall of lives and previous lessons to know what still needs to be learned before enough has been experienced to ascend to a higher dimension. It would seem to be an impossible task to know what to choose but there is a beautiful art form to how it all comes together. Somehow, someway, everything makes sense in that perfect space. One has to also factor in a person's guides who have probably shared a number of lives with that soul already. Only after all the variables had been accounted for and future key relationships arranged would birth take place.

Walk into a Walmart and there's a reason it's called a superstore. Incarnate onto this planet and there's no telling where you'll end up. Like a Walmart, it depends on what time you go shopping that determines the type of experience to be had. A soul choosing to be born at this time for example now has a future to look forward to that could at best be called challenging. Climate change has to be factored in as well as what type of democracy if any to choose from can the needed lessons be attained. Those of us already on the planet will probably be facing the same choices at sometime in our future also. Do we come back or do we move on? As much as I want to join Karra on her dimension, it will probably turn out I have more lessons left and a purpose to be fulfilled as will be the case for most of us.
In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra