Letter From The Editors

For June of 2023

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For many, karma is just some made up phrase by a bunch of hippies while many more believe that karma is just another name for do unto others and so on. Those who have actually studied the concept know that actions have consequences both good and bad in a process that is mysterious and yet fairly easy to understand. It all comes down to reality and the vibrations that make up that reality. As with everything, change the vibrations and change the course of events on a personal and global level. Much as music is vibrations our brains interpret into song, our thoughts are what is making the music if reality was a stringed instrument such as a harp. A life out of tune leads to a reality out of tune so a few adjustments need to be made to bring the music into harmony. With karma, the mental adjustments made on a daily level can become as easy as breathing.

Let's start with creating a life of peace and good fortune with a look at what causes karma to understand how and why it affects lives the way it does. Every decision requires a series of choices to be made for the creative process to begin. Next comes the action phase but by then karma is already being formed. The first initial thought was a string creating a vibration on our imaginary harp. Each thought of the many coming at once now form that thought into a decision based on thousands of factors prior to it taking place. What begins is a non-physical law of each action having an equal or opposite reaction that may be more or less of a reaction than what was originally created. In other words, is reality in harmony?

Using the above, living a life not at all peaceful or fortunate happens with thoughts of a negative nature that have the bigger influence on reality. It's no secret on how thoughts go into creating the reality being experienced. A life lacking love for example would present some challenging life lessons in keeping from having negative thoughts. A life full of love means that the bigger influence begins the decision process in a positive fashion with solutions sought instead of grievances. It's not a perfect science though it is observable and testable. Experimenting with a month of acceptance of all and a love for everyone and everything should present results in the following months that can be compared to months previous to the experiment. Decades of the two of us watching myself create the karma I have proved out the concept many times over to our satisfaction.

The path of ascension is never paved because lessons are required which can make it seem more like an off-road adventure. A life of love and acceptance smooths out the bumps along the way. Let's take a look at one of those bumps a bit closer. Let us say a young person yet to have a firmly established right and wrong decides to steal a piece of candy from a store. The thought of the theft is already created before the event begins the process as the negative thoughts feed into energies that rebound back as negative as if they were ripples in a small pond being reflected back to the point of origin. It's a small act with small repercussions and so the reflecting waves may be negligible. It's the continuing down a negative path that creates life-changing ripples. Instead, find the calm in a still surface of water and leave the skipping stones in peace. 
In love, light and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra