Ambassador and Healer Extraordinaire

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  • Occupation: Ambassador
  • Home Planet: Sirius
  • Hobbies: Raising her children, Hiking, Sailing, Horseback Riding and Cooking

   Karra is the elder sister of Kiri (the mischievous one) and despite being sisters they are quite different in temperament. Karra is more calm, mellow and decisive, whereas Kiri is more playful and rambunctious. All this means they work very well as a team. Sirians tend to be very long lived and have been known to live up to a thousand years old with the help of sixth dimensional science. Karra has three lovely children she cares for dearly, David and Michael who are twins and about 15 years old. Klara is about 19 and is studying to be a healer also. Karra's healing techniques include herbal healing, physic healing and general practitioner medicine using antibiotics. She combines chemical compound healing with crystals and swears by the most powerful healing tool of all......love.

   She was advanced up to an Ambassador in the Fulfilling Oaths session and since then has been instrumental in bringing about the podcasts due to her very close connection as a twin soul to Russ. Her work now takes her to new challenges she enjoys as it involves bring to third dimensional earth those teachings of the 6th dimension, a new type of healing of a much broader nature. 


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