Closing comments

Russ: hi Kiri.

Kiri: yo.

Russ: got anything more to throw?

Kiri: yeah, I've got my underwear.

Skip: what are you throwing?

Kiri: well I threw my skirt.....the technician told me that I was a under-stuffed beanpole.

Laura: did you throw something at him?

Kiri: ahhh her.

Laura: her?

Kiri: yes, well actually I tripped over her. She had her feet stuck out monitoring things and I tripped over her feet so she called me an under-staffed beanpole so I threw my skirt at her which made Omal chuckle so I threw my T-shirt at him.

Skip: have you got anything left on darling?

Kiri: yes, I'm in my underwear.

Russ: well at least you're behaving.

Kiri: hey, at least I don't have a feather out.

Russ: that's true.

Kiri: but as it just so happens I know where the feather's stashed.

Russ: that's all right I know where the rollerblades are stashed. 

(Taken away from her after an incident while wearing them.)

Kiri: I do too. They're not where you think they are, they're not where Karra thinks they are.

Russ: well they will be.

Skip: (everyone laughs.)

Kiri: she's got to have the key to open up a little storage device I have. 

(A fifth dimension space where it is bigger on the inside than on the outside.) 

Kiri: it's only about yeah big. I've got about 40 cases of wine in there, I've got eight bolts of fabric, I've got three bolts of silk, I've got in suspended storage I have 24 flowers (See glossary) and the harvest was fantastic, very short but fantastic.

Russ: excellent. So what's the 40 cases of wine, small change?

Kiri: yes, small change. Talking of flowers, I was selling them for five cases each.

Russ: that's all?

Kiri: that's per flower.

Russ: yeah I know, that's all?

Kiri: that's all?

Russ: that's all? They were the pink ones. I thought they went for more than that usually for a good harvest?

Kiri: for a good harvest you can pick up probably for 24 cases, a dozen. That's depending on.......but five cases for one.

Russ: oh.

Laura: have you no chocolate there?

Kiri: yes we have chocolate. Tia can't eat it because it makes her batty and it's a little sharp for me.

Russ: kids like it though.

Kiri: uh huh.

Russ: cool, so how's Alex and Leonedies doing?

Kiri: they're doing good, real good. Leonedies, his teaching programs are causing problems for some of the other students in the other crèches. They're a little too high-reaching for them. And then there were a few that were absolute disasters but hell, he's young.

Russ: that's true.

Kiri: he's only three. Alex has turned into a full on prankster. Which is good but I can't tell him that.

Russ: of course.

Kiri: it's better than he was. Alex for your information, he's my eldest son, he had a interesting dysfunction that he had permanently blinding headaches. First of all he thought that they were normal, everybody had headaches because he didn't know any better. And he would tell him to stay put and he would stay put, you tell him to do something, he was ultra, ultra good. Very obedient, extremely obedient and that was because of his headaches. Now that we fixed his headache problems.........(Sighs) I've got the headaches.

Skip: (laughs) knew that was coming.

Kiri: for example, bedroom doors being nailed shut.

Laura: that's not very nice.

Kiri: well, Tia's children decided that they were going to make off with a couple of his toys in fun. So whilst they were hiding his favorite toy he went and nailed their door shut so that they couldn't get into their room.

Laura: that's creative.

Kiri: very creative. I thought it was very talented but I had to do the......"Alex, come here, go and remove the nails and then come back and explain why". That's my I'm upset tone and trying to suppress a smile.

Russ: uh-hmm.

Laura: but not entirely.

Kiri: no, it's very hard. Better check your recording device. Okay let's answer questions, anybody got any questions, child rearing, pranks?

Skip: yeah, how do you build a warp engine?

Kiri: if I could throw my bra at you from here I would.

Skip:(laughs) I don't need it darling, I'm not built that well. I had to tease you a little.

Kiri: I should have seen that one coming. Okay I'm not talking to you anymore, Russ?

Russ: any viruses down here we should......

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