Korton; Greetings and felicitations Russ. It is a pleasure and an honor to be participating in these upcoming discussions. As a communicator, I am honored and delighted to have so many individuals willing to participate and sacrifice their time for the common good of all. Tonight I will not give my usual dissertation on communication as my esteemed colleague Monka will be handling that. So therefore I will answer any questions as it is my duty as a communicator to expedite questions you may have and answer as best as may be answered. So therefore without any delay let us address these questions that are formulating.
Russ; Can we simply tell the world that the major races of the universe are uniting for talks and so should we?
Korton; Let it happen naturally. It is necessary for people to come to their own conclusions without having one point of view represented. The purpose of these talks is to look at all points of view and come to a neutral ground. Certainly it is a model for development on your planet in communication and linguistic abilities of races that have had very frictional interaction pulling together as one to achieve a common goal. Certainly it would be very useful to tell the whole populous of your planet of what is going on, however, this would not serve the function that is necessary for the spiritual growth. But it has to be done through word of mouth so at the appropriate time when individuals are looking back to the early sections of these negotiations, and how they progressed, they can use them as a teaching and learning tool. Not as a model on how to, but as a way of a possible format for discussions. And in doing so it will give them an option to achieve a better harmony and in turn increase the frequency of the lightbeings that they all are.
R; On that same note, in defining the common ground of these talks as a starting place, what is the first acknowledgment that each race should make? For example, using Earth for instance, we could say that we are a humanoid, third dimensional, bipedal lifeform.
Korton; Yes that works if you are thinking in your racial consciousness. But if you look at all the different races that are participating, you will see that you have group consciousness. So therefore to say we is inaccurate. If you take the Arcturians for example, We as a whole is I. So when one talks, I, I talk for all. But it is one person linked in a group consciousness. So, when discussing from your point of view that you are a humanoid, bipedal, carbon-based lifeform, you are referring to you as one. That is your point of view. Even though you represent all of your planet, it is hard to compare your thought process to an individual that is one individual that is all individuals of that race. The Arcturians being a group consciousness think differently then you do. So it is necessary to interact with a group consciousness, even though it is only one individual, with an open mind as they do not look at things the way you do. Having never been a member of a group consciousness, it is hard for me also to comprehend but I try to understand that their points of view are very different from mine. Their needs are very different from mine. So that is the first hurdle that is necessary to cross. Again, another group consciousness, though it's broken down into different groups is the Zeta Reticuli. They are a group consciousness and again their outlook is different from yours. The fact that they are an emotionless group consciousness again makes it very different. All existence's are equal and must be looked at as equal. It is no ''I am better than you, you are worse than I,'' you are all equal. So that is the first footing that needs to be negotiated. As a communicator, I could lay out well what could be the ideal setup. But it is necessary for all elected representatives that participate in these discussions to come to their own conclusions and work out their own objectives. Next question please.
R; With the third dimensional biases and prejudices that we're bound to come up against, how best can we deal with those when they pop up?
Korton; It is hard to say as we have an idea on what those biases may be. But until they occur it is hard to say. We have positions that we take to deal with each situation as it occurs.
R; Now on that same level, most people and races themselves tend to feel that they do not understand, how can that understanding be provided without direct interference?
Korton; Though discussions that we are planning to hold. You see, part of the problem of all these races that are involved is a certain amount of fear, and by discussing with them, we get to know them better and they get to know us better. As a representative of the Brotherhood of Light, I'm getting an opportunity to represent my group. Although I will not be representing myself, but if I had been given that honor, I would have to think very carefully and be open minded to the other differences and unknown factors of the participants and representatives of the other races.
R; Now I and others see the Zetas and other races as being separate us physically and mentally, are we actually one, with different selves and many bodies?
Korton; For the Zetas that is more true than for you and again for the Arcturians that is more true than for you. By your wording, you are saying they and us as if you are a group consciousness and they, yes, are a group consciousness. You are not, so therefore it is very important to word things that is understandable for all parties involved. Act carefully, as was stated in previous discussions, an inflection, one word, can slow the entire process right down. So, by wording things carefully, it is necessary to take your time in formulating these answers. To think things through carefully.
R; In that respect you are correct as since I said one, I really mean all of us being part of while we're not one race, we're all consciously connected. Not in a group conscious, more of a galactic conscious as one.
Korton; You are referring to your galaxy's group consciousness and the interactions of all groups. That is something that is different and spiritual. The individual wills of the races involved is not part of the group consciousness of your galactic unit. You must remember, there are many, many millions of billions of galaxies. So each galaxy has it's own consciousness. Let us start at the bottom of the consciousness progression and in itself that comment is an explanation on wording. I will word things carefully to give you and idea on how the wording will be done by our representative of the Brotherhood of Light. A being has a consciousness, a group of beings of the same ethnic background have a race consciousness. A collection of races has a planet consciousness. A collection of planets has a sector consciousness, similar to an ethnic consciousness. A collection of sector consciousness' make up a galactic consciousness. All are separate but each is a step up or down from the other. Notice the wording in these comments. There are no derogatory terms for any of the races involved but yet it achieves the progression that is necessary in the explanation. You see, one of the challenges facing the ambassador is learning that words are very, very powerful. As has been stated frequently tonight, one wrong word can delay many, many of your hours of hard work. So it is very important to be conscious and careful in these progressions.
R; So our talks will affect each part of that ladder of consciousness?
Korton; Correct,
R; So how do we make the mental leap that would make that so?
Korton; Slowly and cautiously. By listening to what is said and worded and how it worded. Tonight's speakers have all worded very carefully what they are trying to say. Myself, and I can speak only for myself, I weigh each comment and sentence and paragraph very cautiously, because to say something that is a double meaning can leave it open to interpretation and therefore incorrect data which leads to problems. So as I have stated in the past, it is important to talk crisply and clearly. And to be able to be understood. Do you have any more questions?
R; Just one, I am assuming at this point that this is all related back to Sedona and when we first started our discussions with Roger.
Korton; It goes much further back than Roger, Roger played a very important role and will again play a very important role. It is a beginning that really had no beginning. Nor will it have an end. To quote a comment earlier, ''Actors will change but the roles will continue.'' Thank you Russell.

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