Letter From The Editors
For March Of 2014

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    The above is the equation for reality and the following is this planet's path of ascension in that reality inspired by Tia's and Omal's dissertations on cycles in this month's podcast. We are in essence, multi-celled collections of matter uniquely designed to house a superior consciousness. To that end we blend the two to fulfill whatever it is we have set as our function. Our reality is defined by these two factors as well the moment along the linear timeline we find ourselves in this incarnation. It further defines the space we inhabit once we input our dimension and past lifetimes we have experienced to reach the unconscious goal of all sentient races, to evolve to the next dimension after this one.

    The path of Earth's ascension started many light years away as was documented in The Sirian Chronicles and podcasts since then. Third dimensional Sirius was still a long way from ascension but a number of Sirians were impatient  for the process to take place naturally so, joining the other colony ships leaving to populate other worlds, set their destination for Earth. The colonists had left a planet where it was known it would never survive the changes in its sun and it was thought they could reach their next evolutionary stage upon the land they were planning to settle and call Atlantis. The ascension didn't happen and the differences between factions split the populace once more with age-old conflicts.

    Meanwhile, a team of geneticists from Atlantis had been doing some gene work in Africa on the indigenous population to develop a race of slaves and warriors. The result of that research left Africa and crossed the Bering land bridge to become the modern humans we see today. 13,000 years ago, the final destruction of Atlantis took place after several breakups had taken place leaving only a few islands besides the main one. The survivors of the destruction spread out to key parts of the world to link up with the modern humans now at the start of their agricultural phase. Civilizations arose but the karmic debt was still cycling through the racial memory.

    Wars happened and again the cycle played out with the pilgrims escaping to the new world of America much as the Sirian's had. The karmic debt of the United States ended with the civil war but individual karmic debts were resolved after that into today with overseas wars. Civilization's slow crawl to technology now took on warp drive speed as the advancement from oil lanterns to microchips took place in seconds comparatively. Along with the ease of life came a renewal of the goal from those early colonists and thanks to the social networking revolution, mind expanding theories and ideas can now cross the globe in seconds. Included to that is a decrease in the prejudices that has led to a more inclusiveness on a global level.

    Guidance from higher dimensions helped with gentle mental nudges for some of it and our imagination of a better future did the rest. So how are we doing now? If you are reading this, we're doing pretty good. This webpage and millions more like it are making this next phase easier. In this month's podcast, Tia and I discussed what we thought was a path of ascension through strife back in 1997 as was seen on Sirius but instead a completely different reality happened for myself and all those reading this. The way forward can still be a peaceful one so our function is to help make that happen. The form of a rock has a function to be a rock in this time and dimension. Our forms have a more active function and we fulfill it with every breath.

In love and light as one...

Russ and Karra