Letter From The Editors
For March of 2019

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   Once a monk traveling in a land far from home was surprised to see a lamp on the side of the road and could not resist examining it further. It was of foreign design with intricate writing on the side in a language he did not understand. Needing some form of some illumination other than the candle in the room he had been provided, he packed the lamp away for further use. Getting back, he brought out the lamp and prepared to add some oil. Try as he might, he could not remove the top and knew now why someone had thrown it away. It was nice for its ornamental use possibly but he had little need for such attachments. The writing on the side fascinated him so he rubbed some of the dirt obscuring the writing to find a genie suddenly appearing out of the lamp in a column of smoke. Tall as a man but only partly visible, the genie thanked the monk for setting him free after a thousand years of captivity. In gratitude for his rescue, he offered the monk anything he desired and it would be provided as soon as the words were spoken by his new master.

   The monk sat down to think long and hard on the matter. Having renounced all worldly things, he had little use of wealth and fame. Though simple, his housing and food were already provided as part of his devotion by the people in the towns he passed through with the light he taught and the healings he gave being thanks enough. Any miracle working he could wish for would be breaking his vows of poverty as would sharing any wealth he got to take the people he met out of their misery. These were simple people who knew him and he was a simple man but wise in the ways of his chosen path. His teachers had shown to his satisfaction that this not the only reality or even universe. He had come to an understanding that everything he could conceive was happening at that very moment in any one of an infinite number of universes. Therefore, whatever he was seeing and experiencing was what he was supposed to see and experience. Any fears, worries or stress were about things that were in alternate universes or weren't what he wasn't experiencing at that moment so therefore not part of his current lessons. For him, everything was about the now and the now is always perfect, even the lessons that argue the opposite. 

   The genie’s magical powers gave him the knowledge of the condition of the world and, wanting to be free of his bottle, offered to stop all wars and ease the suffering of mankind across the world. Such wishes would leave in place a paradise where humanity could learn in peace and harmony to where they may even spread out among the stars. The genie next suggested a review of all the monk’s past lives through the Akashic Records and thus increase his knowledge to entirely new levels. He could escort him to heavens only higher beings of great learning could reach to experience the history of the world and all worlds from enlightened eyes. To all the offers and suggestions the genie put forth the monk rejected, returning to the center of his belief that if he was to know all of the knowledge he sought before its time, it would undo the lives of learning he gone through to achieve his current level of growth. Feeling himself to be in a world without limits already was where he felt the most joy every second. He explained that in his life he had found more than he could ever hope to have from the inner peace he felt and thus had no desire to be anyone’s master.

   Having no other wishes to grant, the monk offered instead that the genie grant just a single wish. That one wish would be that the genie would be free from the bottle for all time to continue the path he had been on prior to his imprisonment. The genie, who had spent a thousand years waiting for this very moment and opportunity suddenly began to question this dream come true. What had led him to be put in the bottle in the first place was a wish for unlimited power from another genie in that same bottle without understanding the eventual cost of that wish. Great power was given but only to become the new slave to the master of the bottle. The life he had led prior to making that fateful wish had seemed dull and empty without the hope to ever amount to anything. He had no wish to return there after seeing what could be possible in a life devoted to the moment. The realization suddenly hit him and he knew the answer. He thanked the monk for what he was offering though he asked if the monk could wish for two things instead of just the one. He wished to be free of the bottle but he also wished to follow the monk to begin a path that would one day bring about the same peace and harmony he saw in him. Recognizing the destiny that was calling, the monk granted the genie’s two wishes and added a third. He wished also for the genie to have a robe similar to the one he was wearing. Thus robed, the two set off on a path to highness that would never end throughout their lives to come.        

In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra.