Letter From The Editors

For March of 2024

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Followers of the archives will know one of our four main speakers on the base and ring mistress of our training sessions, Tia, as being the only third dimensional member of Ashtar Command to work with our group. Part of only a few of that dimension on a base of higher dimensional beings is a tale all its own. This editorial though is focused on her home planet of Durondedunn which is located in a sector of space so far away from ours that an entirely different Command than Ashtar's were responsible for getting her to Hades Base. We've heard parts of the story of her home planet throughout the years and wanted to put it all together because their ancient history is our current present. Hundreds of years ago the planet was patriarchal and militaristic with similar antagonism between parts of the planet like we see today here on earth. Pollution was ravaging the environment and women didn't have a voice of their own. One significant difference between their planet and ours was that their race was descended from felines so the roots of their conflicts were based on the color of their hair.

The wars that resulted from those conflicts decimated the male population to such an extent that the women of the planet eventually outnumbered the men and they began wars that were even more destructive to all sides. The futility of such harmful effects to the population and the planet were recognized as being self-defeating. The women of the planet therefore arranged a peace among themselves but what was left of the males on Durondedunn were a mere fraction of their previous total leading to women outnumbering men four to one. The industrialization that was harming the environment was transformed into one where the harmful gases were turned to good by no longer discharging them into the air but utilized in a way that made them economical and profitable. As Tia says, "we learned how to control the growth of the planet, we learned how to control the land, we learned how to control the seas, we learned how to control chemicals. We learned all sorts of things and we found that there is a space in between high industrial capability which pollutes the atmosphere and living in harmony with the land. There is a middle ground."

Present day Durondedunn as related in the archives is one where the ratio men to women has only improved to three to one because of the women on the planet having more girls than boys through a quirk of nature. As a result, the males tended to became more placid over the centuries. Ecologically, they've turned the planet around and managed to control their aggressive nature through festivals where the religious factions of various sectors on the planet would battle in protective gear so very few deaths would occur among the thousands of participants. Afterwords would be a big party with much drinking and celebrating the controlled release of any pent-up aggression. It's not a perfect utopia as they suffer famines and forest fires as we do until the balance is eventually restored. Two things they recognized as being fatal to their existence were wars and pollution, both of which they managed to bring under control. How can their history help with our future?

The human race is facing yet again another critical moment in our developing as a species. What if we failed in our ability to coexist and some self-induced chaos reduced the population to a four to one ratio of women over men? Would there be similar cooperation between the female leaders of the planet to do away with both wars and pollution? The variables are too hard to predict and speculation leads down some dark corridors. Mankind seems to be locked into a profit first mentality and it might be up to womankind to see and act for the sake of the survival of the species should enough tipping points be reached to take us over the edge. For one thing, if the women of Durondedunn could figure out how to convert industrial pollution into something that could turn a profit, it would seem that the science of today could accomplish that as well. Here's hoping enough sensible people come to their senses so that we can avoid the same as what Durondedunn went through so long ago.

In love, light and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra