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For March Of 2013

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 Sometime during the 21st century, my physical body is going to take an extended leave of absence from the rest of my bodies. I'm sure there will be much to be accomplished after that happens before manifesting again on the physical level. Prior to this life fading to black, I am reminded of why "Groundhog Day" is my favorite movie. The continual return to physical form each life is another chance to grow and in my case, renew my commitment to an oath given so many lifetimes ago. It's one of those long-term oaths. Not long as in a 30 year mortgage but more like a 100,000 year journey of rediscovery.

   In this month's podcast and transcript, the title is "Fulfilling Oaths". It wasn't supposed to be posted this month but when checking for a tape to transcribe after I'd finished one already, I pulled out a blank tape to see if there was anything on it. As it turned out, it was a prequel to the current podcast "Etiquette". Not a big believer in coincidences I understood after listening to it why my hand fell on that tape. So will you when you listen to it after already hearing "Etiquette".

   I made my oath many lives ago on a colony ship as it made its way between third dimensional Sirius and third-dimensional earth. That journey is noted in the "Sirian Chronicles" and it was then that I vowed to help our people on the ship reach a higher level of consciousness far away from a world that was then in chaos. Little did I know that some oaths can stretch across lifetimes or, maybe I was aware of that fact. Either way, the goal remains the same and is shared by all sentient lifeforms, the drive to achieve the next step in consciousness. To that end, the entities on the tape have thought out their words most carefully and presented them in the best way possible to achieve growth. (Even Kiri.)

   A student of psychology can appreciate the subtle nuances of how the information in the channeling sessions was presented. From Omal's seriousness to Kiri's playfulness, I couldn't appreciate it at the time but can certainly see now how much help I was given to fulfill my oath. Growth is achieved when it is needed most and now is that time when it is most needed. What began as a personal journey between two third dimensional friends and their sixth dimensional mentors, grew to be a shared experience that is still growing in a way so that many oaths can be fulfilled going forward. I'll end this as I started it, with a fade to black. While we may not see the words, at some point we'll know it's "The End". As the light fades away and we begin our new journey, our actions here during this life will have brought us that much closer to fulfilling the really big commitments we've made on a soul level.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra.