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Dr. Who and the 6th dimension


  Long before I knew there was an Ashtar Command and the 6th dimension, I was hooked on the gateway cultural phenomena of Dr. Who. It filled my head with ideas and concepts that led show-by-show to my working with who I do now. The natural progression from there to comparing the two was to be expected.

   The first comparison is with memory or more specifically, the Akashic records. At age 21, Sirians have access to all their past lives. Dr. Who has all of his past versions also at hand to draw from. Along with that comes a mind capable of dealing with that fact and multi-tasking far faster than we can to use the information wisely. Karra has related how she comes up with 10 options prior to making a decision and does it in milliseconds. Dr. Who is working at least on the same level.

   While not a moving vehicle, both the base and Tardis, which is a moving vehicle, exist within a 5th-dimensional space. In other words, the inside is larger than the outside and the 4th doctor does mention that the inside and outside are on different dimensions. In a similar way, this allows for a huge base which would normally be threatened by a ceiling collapsing due to no supporting structure. As it can actually be contained within a smaller outside structure, great feats of engineering such as that and more can be accomplished.

   The doctor's wish to help others and a bent towards personal sacrifice extending beyond one's own life is the hallmark of an inhabitant of the 6th dimension. Not needing money or fearing an act of war are also aspects those of the sixth dimension share with the doctor. One could also add the working with a companion to the list. Certainly Karra's role in my life has made me relate to the companions of the doctor in an entirely new way. The technology he can bring to bear such as the sonic screwdriver, while beyond our capability, remind me of some of Kiri's toys. I'm sure there are several others that were missed but I'll leave that for other Whovians to debate.

    Though he has never professed to traveling between dimensions, the concepts of the 6th dimension are suspiciously evident in the origination and episodes that continue to influence new generations of impressionable youth. The information on this website isn't new information but merely a new way to experience old information presented to us as entertainment. Little did we know that the stories of our youth would lead to facts about our future.

Well done Doctor.

In Love and Light as one,

Russ & Karra